March 17, 2007

People I Stalk Online (Outdated)

Below is a list of people who I probably spend way too much time stalking online. It's an unhealthy addiction that I'm trying to (unsuccessfully) curtail. It's a process, people.

3 Bedroom Bungalow
A Girl and Her Life
A Hesitant Housewife
Angry Chicken
Ann Again...and Again
Apathy Lounge
April's Little Family
Bee's Musings
(Bejewell)The Musical Fruit
Blissfully Caffeinated
Blogging Mama (Andrea)
Boob Emancipation
Boondock Ramblings
Carolyn Online
Cheaper Than Therapy
Check Out My Sass
Chris Wood's Blog
(Church Punk Mom) My Embellished Truth
Cinnamon and Honey
Clark Kent's Lunchbox
coconut belly
Crab Goggles
Design Mom
Dayton Time
For a Different Kind of Girl
Get the Stink Off
Gimme the Juice
(Green Jello) May You Lead an Interesting Life
Half as Good as You
Harry Jack's Mom
Home of the Lazy Dog
I Need a Martini Mom (Vodka Mom)
Irish Gumbo
Irregular Periodic Ruminations
Is There Any Mommy Out There (Anymommy)
It's a Dog's Life
Jeff & Me + Three
Jennster :o
(Jenny) The Bloggess
Jiggety Jigg (Jen)
Just Making Our Way
Kaply, Inc.
King of the New York Hacks
Life and Times of a Wicked Stepmom
Literal Dan
Lost and Found in India
(Maggie Dammit) Okay, Fine, Dammit!
(Maggie) Flux Capacitor
Me, You and Ellie
Miss Disgrace
Mommy Wants Vodka (Aunt Becky)
Mommy's Escape
Morgan Madness
My Dogumentary
My A-Cup Runneth Over
My Life as I See It
My Life in a Nutshell
My Milkshake Thoughts (related-to-me blogger!)
Notes From the Sleep Deprived
Notes From the Trailerhood
O Happy Day!
Outnumbered Two to One
Pandoras Ethernet Connection
Papa TV
Pointlessly Hypertechnical
Pulsipher Predilections
Riding the Short Bus (no longer blogging here, but I can't take her down)
Rock and Roll Mama
Sassy Mama Says
Sell Party of 4
Seriously Mama
Shout Daily
Simply AnyMom
Sprite's Keeper
Spyrou Family Chronicles
Sticky Fingers
Suburban Matron
Suburban Turmoil
Sweet Life in the Valley
Tales From the Salti Peaks
That Blue Yak (Dr. Zibbs)
The Bigger They Get
The Fife's Are Cool
The Fun House
The Locals Love It
The Mister
The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom
The Stiletto Mom
The Unmom (Keely)
The Wise Young Mommy
The Young and the Relentless
These Are the Days of Our Lives
This Life is Mine
Twenty-Four at Heart
Two Dogs Running (Mama Dawg)
Us and Them (Captain Dumbass)
Waffles Waffles All Day Long
Were Those Wrinkles There Yesterday?
Zip Bag of Bones