May 28, 2008

I Remembered It Wrong

Ever go somewhere and do something? Do you take a camera with you to document your time doing something? And on your way home do you fondly remember that something you just did? Then do you download your pictures and look at them and realize your memory and the moments you captured digitally just don't match up. This totally happened to me.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went camping here.

We had so much fun. For three days we hiked, ran and rode four-wheelers constantly. We were beat every single night. But from the looks of the pictures, all I have to show for our weekend was a bunch of cuddling and sleeping. I promise we were active.

This is what our view looked like. This much I remember.

After we set up our camp trailer, the kids were excited to lie down on the bed and play around for a few minutes. See the giant Reesie and the tiny Henry? I don't remember her being that big.

Or that aggressive. She how she's pinned down her older brother?

I remember looking out the window with Reese.

And I remember her being super cute.

Super duper cute. Almost so cute that you don't notice that hideous water stain behind her that we inherited when we purchased the trailer. Pay no attention.

I remember the sibling loving that happened.

And I for sure remember that Maxie rolled in a giant cow pie just moments after getting there. This was not super cute. It was, however, super something.

I remember that Uncle Jake stopped by and took Henry on a four wheeler ride. I remember Jake training Henry to tell us that they didn't drive very fast at all. I then recall that later Henry confided they went "way fast" and that "Mommy and Daddy don't need to know that".

Jeremy and I both remember having warm feelings for each other while in nature.

More of us feeling warm.

I don't remember Maxie looking Asian.

I do, however, Batty looking kind of dopey.

I remember Reesie laughing and having so much fun. She doesn't look like it here though.

Or here.

I remember her squealing whenever Max or Bat would come near her. She would get so excited. This doesn't really show much excitement.

Nor here.

Or even here.

I do remember looking at the three people I love most in the world sitting around the camp fire and being so happy.

I remember Batty hoping that Henry's marshmallow would somehow jump out of his little hand and into his own mouth.

I recall that Reesie was mesmerized by her first camp fire. I don't recall her being bored or put out by it as she looks here.

I remember Henry was the best marshmallow roaster ever, or at least us telling him he was.

I remember Reese liked the taste of the warm marshmallow bits that I fed her. I remember her waving her hands and growling with excitement. I don't remember seeing these dirty looks that she was giving me behind my back.

I do remember Henry getting Max into a sleeper hold before dinner.

I also remember Henry searching the camp site for "clues".

I recall Jeremy and Henry looking for even more clues later.

And then swinging in the meadow just like one of those cheesy montages you see in movies. It was sweet to watch, I must say.

More montage swinging. Imagine an uplifting song about bonding being played in the background as you watch this.

I also remember Jake bringing his two best girls, Riley and Lexa up to four-wheel and barbecue with us.

Here, Henry has spotted cousin Lexa. He loves her. A little too much. Seriously, he loves her, maybe even more than a friend.

Here they chase each other on their four-wheelers around the camp.

Then they pose for a picture. I remember asking Henry if we wanted to marry Lexa. He said yes. I told him that would mean they would live together and she would be the boss of him. He said that was okay with him.

I remember Riley and Henry making smores for everyone to eat.

I remember that Jeremy bought chocolate bars with almonds instead of the plain kind. He proclaimed it to be a "better class of smore".

Lexa shows off her classy smore.

I don't remember my smore being this burned. I do remember it being delicious.

I remember Lexa and Maxie bonding.

Then Riley got bored of bonding watching and took a nap by the fire.

Reese watched Riley sleep.

All the bonding was making Lexa tired. I remember her crawling on the four-wheeler to sleep herself.

I don't remember Henry crawling on top of her and using her as a pillow.

I definitely remember Jake snored as he slept by the fire too.

All the post bonding sleeping was making Reesie hungry. I remember taking her into the camp trailer to feed her. She seemed more interested in a furry, black mass that shared the bed with her while she ate.

What was that thing?


After feeding Reesie, I remember hearing a ruckus outside. I went over to Jake's trailer and saw Jake quizzing a very orange faced and orange fingered Henry as to who had been eating all the Doritos. Notice how Henry stays cool under the pressure.

He diverts Jake's attention down to his new Spiderman shoes.

Then pockets a few more Doritos. Nice work, little man.

Dorito snatching makes Henry tired. I remember him needing a "lift" around camp for a while.

Then he needed a soft place to lie down and rest by the fire.

Later that evening, we decided that we should all rest in the comfort of our trailer.

I remember lovin' up on Maxie.

I remember Maxie taking advantage of the space I had given him.

Oh yeah, I remember Bat treating me like I had cooties and refusing to cuddle with me or even so much as look in my direction.

But then once Jeremy came inside, he was all ready for the lovey time.

I remember Henry being happy to lay by Maxie and me.

But I don't recall the unsolicited paw-to-the-head move he pulled on him later.

All in all, it was a fun and exhausting camping trip. You'll just have to trust me that we did more than eat and sleep. We also snacked and rested our eyes.