March 1, 2010

Gettin' Fit and Gettin' Random

Today is reckoning day, the "Come to Casey" day. Every first Monday of the month I do two things; I treat myself to a meat lover's pizza and I post my fitness progress online for you all to read and for Casey to judge harshly.

(The meat lover’s pizza is to console myself after I do my post of shame. The greasy bits of meat and cheese are my friends.) So is the pizza delivery guy. Note to self: we order out pizza way to often.

But today, my friends, I come to you a changed woman. I have been exercising (what’s the opposite of religiously?)...fairly often. As of late, I have been getting up at 4:21 am to treadmill and lift weights with Jillian Michaels. She’s mean. She yells at me through the TV to stop being a whiner and just do it already. I love her.

Why do I get up at 4:21? Well, first of all, I think to get up at that time is high-larious. Second, I hit the snooze button a few times then I get up at the more reasonable, but less funny 4:42 am and do the fitness routine for about 50 minutes. I need to start so early because I have kids to get ready for school, a husband to nag into packing a lunch and then, of course, there is my very lengthy shower routine. Remember that?

If you want to join the fitness revolution, then get yourself that P90X thing everyone's talking about. I hear it works. If you want to join a community of supportive women striving to meet their fitness goals together then check out Casey's HASAY Challenge over at her site.

*Warning* Abrupt subject change ahead:

I know it’s only Monday, but I really want to participate in Super Keely’s Tuesday’s Random Thoughts. If you're not doing it, you're doing it wrong. I’m posting this an entire day early. I’m not only very random, but extremely overly prompt. Here goes:

Do people still wear skorts? I have no clue.

Are you people following @Badbanana on Twitter? If you’re not, you should be. Last week he posted this tweet and it made me laugh.

Are you people following @Gingela5 on Twitter? She tweets often about her dogs, her feet and the fact that she likes pineapple. She’s actually one of my favorite people to interact with on Twitter.

I’m going to BlogHER 2010. Oh joy! I’m super excited and nervous at the same time. Jenni at Oscarelli is one of the ladies in my super fun group and is really the brains behind the whole organizing of the hotel / lodging / rooming / gossiping about boys / matching outfits thing. The other day we were trading emails back and forth about getting all the ladies into a couple of rooms and this was the tail end of my email response to her:

“….I won't do any foot stomping if we need to shuffle bodies in rooms a bit. It’s well known that I'll sleep anywhere. (That rumor about me has been floating around since high school, anyway.) Bawahahaha!”
Okay, so that might only be funny to me. I promise it’s not true. The actual rumor floating around me in high school was that everyone I slept with said I screamed in my sleep. So...who's excited to room with me at BlogHer?


Middle Aged Woman said...

I am very sad not to be bloghering this year. I got in on the totally cheap last year, but driving to or in NYC is just beyond me. Plus, since it cost me 50 bucks a night to park my car at the Chicago hotel, it would have been cheaper to fly.

Kristina P. said...

4:21?!?! Does the earth still rotate that early?

Hey, come visit my blog! I'm doing another blog lunch. Oh, and I'm helping old people.

gingela5 said...

The fact that you gave me a twit-out makes me so happy. You know I do it for you. Only you.

jen said...

thanks for reminding me about getting my crap together to post about the need to lose weight again. those 10 months off from hasay set me back a bit.
i'll get on that today.
oh and ... finn totally wakes up and screams in the middle of the night ... so we could room with you. you just have to wake up with him and let me sleep. see? i would be the one that less people will want to room with! i come with baby-baggage.

Laufa said...

Awesome about Blogher 2010. Anytime before 7am is way too early. You have more energy than I do apparently.

robin said...

I am dying to know where you are staying. If you're brave, send me the deets!
(Still not sure if I am going... sigh.)

Peggy said...

I ADORE @badbanana on Twitter, he always cracks me up, always! Good choice!

Good job on the exercise! mumble mumble bit*h mumble...that's great!

Jenni said...

Wait, I'm in charge of something???

Captain Dumbass said...

My MIL goes on a tirade against pineapples and pregnancy every weekend so when we do our big family shopping excursion together SL has to buy her pineapple and hide it in the van. Just thought you should know.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Now what I want to know is what time you go to bed.

My mom got off the freeway once when I yelled out, "Mom! There's our exit."
I was 4. We got completely lost. I don't think we were anywhere near our destination and even at the time I couldn't understand why she'd listened to a 4 year olds directions.

Now, I understand.

Pamela said...

I see your true colors... shining through...

1) Way to mention that you love tweeting with me. Thanks.
2) Way to mention that you're super excited to room with me. Thanks.
3) And speaking of the rooming, I think you should be in a room with Finn-boy and Elliott-boy. You're welcome.
4) I'm allergic to pineapple.
5) I don't like dogs.
6) This listing thing is fun. I'm going over to where I'll be appreciated properly.
7) Please don't poison me with drinks laced with pineapple at BlogHer. I will be a very angry ghost if you do.
8) That is all.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Dude, I am missing out on SO MUCH this year!
Congrats on hiring Jillian M. Yeah, she and I are tight. We're totally on a first name last initial basis.

Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt said...

I want to go to BlogHer!!!

So jealous.

just making my way said...

MMMM, pineapple.

Congrats on the actual exercising!! That is awesome. Mine is still all in my head.

I should probably figure out if I'm going to BlogHer, NYC is drivable and all...Hmmm.

Mrsbear said...

Facing Jillian in the predawn hours is some serious dedication. You totally deserve that meat lover's pizza. I don't even think my eyes are capable of being pried open at 4:21 unless there's a shrieking child involved. The prospect of exercise? Never happen.

Matching outfits will be the icing on the Blogher experience.

Anonymous said...

4:21 is a crazy hour, how do you survive.

If I could just give up the once-a-week pizza binge then I think the working out might actually do me some good.

Carolyn...Online said...

Shit I have GOT to get back into Twitter which I quit because I just thought the whole thing was so dumb BUT I'll be at Blogher too! And I may need Twitter to find everybody.

Is that too much information?

MommyNamedApril said...

*jealous* super duper *jealous*

Dudette said...

I just joined and have lost 2 pounds. Woohoo. Um, the site is great, come find me and be my friend. ( I have no shame when trying to make friends.)

Anyway, your blog is fantastic. It always makes me laugh!

The Mister said...

Yeah, don't poison my wife. I seem to be well stocked with them lately due to this whole "sister wives" thing but she's definitely my fave.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Dude...I am SO going to Blogher. I may be sleeping in the subway though, so if we meet please pardon my smell.

Ms. Salti said...

Hmmm... random. BlogHer, huh? When is it? I'm not following those twitterers, or twats, as they were, but maybe I will.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I'm pretty sure that I'm jealous you are going to Blogher. I wanna go, but let's see I have a couple of things standing in my way right, baby, and I'll even throw the money problem out there right now. =)

Keely said...

Can we record your sleep-screams and have an internet sensation like Sleep Talkin' Man?

Bex said...

P90X is freaking awesome.

I am expecting you to send me a post card from blogher.

And by the way ... I am so PROUD of you for waking up at 4:42! In all seriousness - that is amazing.

The Mayor said...

Can you wake up that early because you're on PST? I'm thrilled if I can sleep before 1 a.m. so right now I'm a little nauseated thinking you're getting up and aerobic by 5.

But I'm strongly opposed to using the snooze button. It's an abomination to an insomniac.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Can't wait to meet you at BlogHer. It was a blast last year! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at Blogher! Maybe someday for me.

Ginny Marie said...

I'm very impressed that you get up so early to exercise! I can barely stumble out of bed at 6:08 a.m. when my toddler is yelling "I'm awake!" Thanks for the HASAY encouragement!

♥ Braja said...

Give my love to the cat.

Paula said...

1.) Jillian Michaels is like the ultimate, intimidating tough lesbianish chick. You kinda want to do exactly what she says in case she gets angry and gets all tough on your ass. However, I prefer working out with Denise Austin. She's so perky, it annoys me and I just want to get it over with so she will shut up!

2.)When I taught yoga, I would buy whiskey w/my share of the monthly student payments. I totally get the 'za thing.

3.) I like the idea of Blogher tremendously, though, in reality so many women might annoy me.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Can you imagine the mental breakdowns I'd be having if I was going to Blogher?! At least it would be entertaining, if mildly uncomfortable.

So, after reading your devotion to exercise, I think you should come to spinning with me. Granted, I've never actually gotten anyone to go with me twice and it hurts to sit down for at least 3 days after, but it would be fun!

Also, is your cat really on twitter? Maybe I should put my cat on twitter too and they can be friends.

Anonymous said...