August 7, 2008

Milkshakes And The Shame They Bring

“Shuffle shame”, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is when your mp3 music player is playing on speakers in shuffle mode, and somebody enters the room at the exact moment the worst song of your collection is being played.

I experienced shuffle shame of the worst kind today. A bunch of us girls were listening to Jessica (see girl posse) tell us adventures of her blind date from the night before. Rawr! After hearing all the details we decided that the meal was probably the highlight of her evening. Our conversation ended with me telling Jessi that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and her getting very embarrassed. After she left it got me to thinking about the Kelis song, Milkshake, from a few years ago. After immediately downloading it from iTunes, Kylee and I got jiggy with it for a few minutes at our desks.

In the midst of doing her famous torso “quake and shake” move our boss walked up behind Kylee, saw her dancing and just sort of shrugged his shoulders. Yeah. That’s totally how we roll in Marketing.

Kylee was under the impression that "Shuffle Shame" was a reference to Rozzie's dancing skills. Meanie.


Captain Dumbass said...

Shuffle shame, I love it. So many many bombs in iTunes. I love them discreetly where no one else can see.

Sleep Deprivation Ninja said...

I replied to your comment on my site to my comment I made on BHJ's site...trans-site commenting is going wild...that's hurting my sleep deprived ninja mind.

Anyway, this is important:

Thanks for the kudos but I'm quite serious. Now that you've been bitten by the Whitesnake you are going to be forced to go on a long Journey where you will encounter a Def Leppard, gaze into the Eye of the Tiger, possibly get Cat Scratch Fever from the mutant Scorpion, ultimately to face the Final Countdown.