June 16, 2008

Girl Crush Alert

Over the years, I’ve developed totally plutonic crushes on girls. They range anywhere from BFFs to celebrity girl crushes. Jeremy thinks it’s cute. For example, one of my earliest girl crushes was on Jennifer Connelly. I recall seeing her in Labrynth with David Bowie when I was in middle school. She had received a modeling contract with Ford Models and then made that movie. I thought she was beautiful.

Other girl crushes throughout my life include, but are not limited to the following:

Madonna. A perennial favorite. She always reinvents herself so I fall for her all over again with each new album. (No link to Madonna here. If you don't know who she is then chances are you and I probably don't run in the same circles.)

Molly Ringwald. Oh how I loved her in Sixteen Candles. I hearted her even more in Pretty in Pink. She was an unconventional beauty. Huge role model for me. Her posters graced my teen bedroom.

Sarah Jessica Parker. I loved her in Footloose. She was the fun-loving side kick. I know in the end those evil kids who wanted to shake it won, but I mostly remember her great hair. I renewed my love for her when she starred in Honeymoon in Vegas.

Gennifer Goodwin
. She’s a newcomer to my list. I’ve only crushed on her for about three years or so. I only recently remembered her when I saw her in the trailer for He’s Just Not That Into You. She’s been under the radar as of late. That and mending Chris Klein’s broken heart.

Other famous crushes include Sarah Silverman (funny), Zooey Daschenel/Katy Perry (I’m not quite convinced that they aren’t the same person) and one brief, ill conceived love of Jeanine Garofolo (don’t ask).

Local girl crushes of mine include (in no particular order):

Julee: I’ve crushed on her for over ten years. Smart, sassy, good listener and the best phone voice.
Sara: Girl crush since 1999. Sweet, sincere and has a sailor’s mouth.
Roslin. Me love her long time. Beautiful, witty and so sarcastic.
Lisa. We all crushed on her and her hair when we met her. Super sweet, great hair, so much fun to be around.

More recently, I had a girl crush on Jessica. Enter Exhibit A.

For the record, Jess is the pretty one on the left. Brian (right) is not girl crush worthy. Anyway, Jess and I work together and she is one of the nicest gals in the office. I tell the girls in marketing all the time that I think Jess is truly one of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen. She loves to visit jungles, meet multi-tasking men from Missouri whilst in Mexico (say that ten times fast) and always has the best jewelry. We love when she stops by to tell us the events of her weekend or reminisce about awkward blind dates that she’s been on. She’s kind and witty and humble and just about the nicest person ever! Can you tell I have a slight crush or what?

Another great thing about Jess? She is a member of a Neil Diamond tribute band, The Diamond Experience. When I heard this I immediately made a beeline for her desk and chatted her up about it. I love all things Neil and all things Diamond.

If you are interested in being considered for one of my girl crushes, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I’m always looking to add new ones and I’m not against accepting bribes. Loves to you all.

As of August 1, 2008, I have removed Jennifer Connelly from the list and replaced her with Jenny, The Bloggess in the celebrity section. It's really nothing personal, Ms. Connelly, it's just that you've never visited my blog nor have you sent me a kind email. Not that you wouldn't, you just haven't...yet. Jenny rules! She really does. How 80's does that sound? Gag me. With a spoon.

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Casey said...

I think I'll just hang around your archives whenever I feel like you're not paying enough attention to me.

Yes, sign me up as a girl crush. I'm going to sleep now and exiting your archives for the evening.