October 9, 2008

T-Shirt Contest - Not The Wet Kind

So, I've been cyber bullied by a few of my peeps out there into hosting a custom T-shirt contest here at The Bee. (I'm totally lookin' at you DeeMarie and Krystal) I've never done anything like this before so Lead Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me through this people. (that was for you Margie).

If you haven't seen the awesome handcrafted tees yet, scroll down to the previous post. Here's the deets on the contest:

1. Comment on this post here and leave your idea for a custom tee design.
2. The contest will officially come to a close Friday evening 9:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.
3. Contestants, you will not be judged on your comment,, but it will make me and fellow contestants smile.
4. The winner will be selected by Henry (my son) by him selecting a number between 1 and the final number of comments at close.
5. Henry will inevitably choose the number 5, so whoever is fifth to post a comment will automatically win. I'll then have Henry choose another number as well. That's right. Multiple winners!
6. I will notify the winners this weekend and make arrangements to create a custom T-shirt for them. Anything you want! You got it.

Good Luck!!!


Khadra said...

Ill go first, I know no one is going to post until they can be number 5 LOL!!

T shirt for a mom : I touch poop.

This would come in handy if you are like me and do not like to be randomly touched by people.

goodfather said...

Oooo, AWESOME! I love wet t-shirt contests!! Oh. NOT a wet t-shirt contest. Got it.

How about a shirt with a BEE with a green cloud around it (in some non-suggestive way, there's kids involved for crying out loud), with STEENKY BEE emblazoned across the chest?

Cameron said...

I have two suggestions. The first one, not clean:


The second, you made a comment on my blog about the same statement we make:

This ain't my first rodeo

Cameron said...

4th comment ;)

Cameron said...

5th comment, yay!!! Please see number 3 above

HeatherPride said...

"I commented on the Steenky Bee and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

"Vote for Henry"

"I won Miss Congeniality in the Trophy Wife contest"

ali said...

I'm so not creative so I'm not even gonna try. Wait, I will try.

"I ain't Dooce"

DeeMarie said...

"Stalked by Steenky Bee... and Lovin' It" Ok, is that too much to write?!?!?!?


DeeMarie said...

And thanks for the shout-out!! ;)

for a different kind of girl said...

Huh, well, I'm the 1oth commenter, so maybe if you're working on counting by fives with Henry, I'm in like aces, too. Pity I don't have a clever t-shirt idea at the moment.

WAIT! That could be it:

"I don't know what to say here"

(lame, I know, but that's kinda me in a nutshell!)

Heinous said...

How about "Don't make me stalk your blog"?

Oh and I still haven't seen Titanic. As a matter of fact I never will now that you've called me out. I'm just. That. Stubborn.

My plans for the night: pointedly NOT watching Titanic.

Kat said...

A way for me to get my "Thats what she said t-shirt" rock on!

Ok my slogan: SuperMom (n) Able to change a poopy diaper with a single wipe.

Eternal Sunshine said...

I'm going with um...

"Cut it out now, or I'm blogging you!!" or some variant thereof...

I will be contesting soon too - be sure an visit me lots so you won't miss out!!! LOL

Jett said...

I want one that says "Your mom's house"

or maybe, "Fuck you, dingus"

or better yet, "Chad's a ding-dong" because that commercial makes me laugh like ass every. last. time.

I reserve the right to change the chosen phrase should I win. Because, if I win, I'm open to suggestions from my readership, your readership and possibly the universe.


Seriously Mama said...

How about "Yeah, I got barfed on. You gotta problem with that?" Umm, not that I am talking from experience or anything...

DeeMarie said...

Another one, "Blog Stalker and Proud of It!"

Mama Dawg said...

"Squirrel farts sound like raindrops"

"Damn. Spiderman just peed in his Spidey suit."

The last one was courtesy of Captain Dumbass. Cause it makes me laugh EVERY DAMN TIME. I actually had to work for that one. It was in his twitter archives.

Yeah, I'm a stalker, so what?

The Stiletto Mom said...

Well, I think we need "Cameron is a Cheater" because he kept posting until he was 5th. Which, I totally would have done had I shown up early enough.
Well done Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Poo Detector
Vomit Catcher
Spit-up Shirt

Debbie said...

OK, mine might not appeal to anyone but me ... but it would tickle the daylights out of me!

"My husband's ex-wife (you know, the 'holier than everyone else' saint) was arrested on three felony counts AND for shoplifting at Walmart."

Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ... That woman made my entire year!!!!

See? Told you it would only tickle me!

Anonymous said...

Dude, a contest!

How about "Vomitus Maximus" or "Wizard!"

Those are lame. I'm not good at this kind of thing.

@ Heinous - Titanic does suck. Go with your gut on that one.

@ Jett - I love those commercials. I love when the wizard family is sitting at the dinner table, that cracks me up.

Casey said...

How about one that says "I suffer from premature eblogulation"? I'm actually writing a post about it next week so stay tuned.

Chris Wood said...

"I had a Catholic upbringing and have stretchmarks in my arse to prove it."

Come on, that's got to be worth something ...

gingela5 said...

"For the LOVE of Blog Turn Off That Computer!"


Captain Dumbass said...

I'd just be happy with "That's what she said!" Or maybe, "I'm not unemployed, I'm a stay at home dad (who just hasn't had time to shave or shower today because he devotes all his time to his ungrateful children)." Maybe that's too long.

Heinous-just skip to the part where the ship sinks 'cause that's pretty cool. Oh, and Kate Winslet naked.

Jenni said...

Because I love a good breastfeeding joke:

"No, They're Not Leaking. I'm Just Happy to See You."

Cameron said...

Thank you The Stiletto Mom....I'm pretty proud of myself for that one.

Here's another one:

I drink because you cry

Tracy Lynn said...

I will go with I'm Not As Green As I Am Cabbage Looking.

Ms. PH said...

I was totally thinking about this today, but about what customization I would put on one of my daughter's T-shirts. Then I thought of the one white T-shirt she spilled chocolate ice cream on all the way down the front. It was a new white T-shirt and I was a little pissed about it.

Needless to say, since my stain-fighting skills suck rocks, the stain won the battle. But . . . I am determined to win the war, so I thought I could carefully place the iron on letters over most of the chocolate stain.

In our house, everytime a stain happens, my daughter says, "That's okay Mama . . . you can wash it!" So, that's my new slogan.

I have another totally inappropriate (but funny) one for my daughter. She once said, "When I get grown-up, I'm gonna have a penis." I think that would make a great T-shirt.

Andrea said...

It has been one helluva day today! So since I am at a loss for something awesome to say..

"Insert witty comment here" works for me! lol (Truthfully I still want the same one you made about the trophy wife. You know I wanna be just like you don't cha?)

I hope I win! And BTW Jen, that was not me hiding behind those cars waiting for you the other nite. That's so not my style. I'm more of a leave-stalkerish-love-notes-on-windshields kinda gal. You know I love ya!

Ringleader said...

How about my near daily response to 6yo when she is not cooperating,

"I will fight you!"

Heinous said...

I'm switching to "Heartless Bastard" in honor of Deb and Tara at my site.

Pamela said...

hotter when wet.

That's all I have today.

Sherry said...

"My eyes are up there"

"Everything's blogworthy"

"Advertise here"

"My other shirt is a small"

"mmmm, beaver cheese"

"i can haz a better attitude?"

"If Qtips weren't meant to go into your ears, why is it that they fit perfectly, and feel so satisfying when they're in there?" (that might be a little long)

"alright, i'm awake. now what?"

"I'm not fat,i'm just easy to catch"

Alright, I'll stop now.

Ron said...

Here's your chance to promote your new band - Amish Pimps!

Sprite's Keeper said...

How the heckovitall did I miss this post? I wanna join!
Here's mine for the twitterpated folk:
"There's no A in TwItter"
Thank you. I'll take my shirt in a Medium. Or, maybe an XL? If that's all you have, that's okay too..

Krystal said...

Don't look at me! What's your kid's excuse?

I so totally always want to say that to people staring at my kids in the stores! LOL - How could I have missed this by the way? You so totally did this on purpose didn't you? When I couldn't post huh?! Yeah, you know you did!! Oh well, still heart you!