July 15, 2008

Overheard At Lunch

Today, Jeremy and I ventured out for lunch. Jeremy left his wallet at home so he needed me for financial support. While we were dining, we couldn’t help but focus some of our attention on a table near us. It was three forty-somethings that worked together or were in a similar industry. Here are just some snippets from their conversation:

Obnoxious man into cell phone: “Hey can you send me one of those Don Juans solo?”
Male Lunch mate: “Your name is Earl?”
Obnoxious man to lunch mates: “Oh, man. My wife’s implants are so much better than that.”
Obnoxious man to lunch mates: Don’t even get me started on HIS hair plugs. Can you say cheap?”
Male lunch mate: “I’m so into edimame right now.”
Obnoxious man to lunch mates: “Will Ferrell is a one-trick pony. I could do half his stuff better.”
Lady companion lunch mate: “I’m just really not in a wasabi phase in my life right now.”
Obnoxious man into cell phone: “Why can’t you get them off?”

After we ripped ourselves away from evesdropping on their conversation, Jeremy and I noticed some friends sitting just a few tables away. We asked our server to send them two glasses of water from us. Here we are thinking we are SO clever.

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