July 14, 2008

Dissed And Almost Killed

Friday, Kylee, Jessica, Natalie and me decided we needed some lunch. I can’t go into detail about the events that unfolded because there is just too much information to digest, so, again, you’ll get the Cliff’s Notes version.

Rap thumpin’, uncomfortable eye contact, honking for chaps, so much Marsala, garlic breath, squeezing juicy sweet balls (Jessica said this about her food. It’s not nearly as dirty as it sounds), water theft, dead end roads.

Here’s Kylee as after she makes a death defying u-turn.

Here’s Nat after surviving the death defying u-turn.

Illegal gear shifting, daring u-turns, arms out the window, extreme lane changing, cat-calling Larry, intersection stopping, dissed by the Springer and laughing until our stomachs hurt.

Here’s Jessica trying so hard not to pee her pants after all this went down.

Get a load of what the scariest thing to ever hit the streets of Sugar House looks like.

Do you want to come to lunch with us next time? It will be fun.

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