July 13, 2008

More Swimming

After spending a relaxing night at the Grandma Jo and Grandpa Brent's Bed and Breakfast where, by the way, anything goes (future post), Henry decided he just needed to swim. G & G had graciously outfitted the children with small wake boards (Spiderman for Henry and Little Mermaid for Reese). So, of course you can imagine the urgency for us to blow up the pool and fill up the pool so the Little Man could try out his 'Spidey skateboard'. BTW: if any of you are looking for a good exercise in patience, swing by and witness Henry waiting the 90 minutes it takes to fill up his pool.

Finally, the pool was ready. Henry was so excited to try out his new toy.

This is pretty much the face he had the entire time he was swimming.



Hold on. Looks like he has to go.

Nope. There's no time for potty breaks in a three year old's world.

He loved his wake board.

Really loved it.

He floated...

...and kicked...

...while we looked on with great pride.

Reesie swam too.

She loves the water so much.

This is what Reese looks like loving the water so much close up.

For a while she was preoccupied by the grass.

Then something caught her eye and she could not stop staring...

...at the wicked farmer's tan from across the yard.

Sweet tan lines there, Honey.

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