June 8, 2008


So this weekend I begged Jeremy and Henry to go to the Dinosaur Park with me on Friday. Henry was a push over and was easy to convince with it being his favorite place and all. I sealed the deal with Jeremy when I mentioned there would be a cheap barbecue there with other people hanging out to visit with. Reese was up for anything and on my side from the start.

What I didn't tell the rest of my family was that I was secretly fulfilling my need to stalk my favorite morning show DJs and that they were hosting a "Family Mixer" at the Ogden Dinosaur Park. Technically it was a single parent mixer so I offered to have Jeremy and me act estranged and distant while there. They assured me that 75% of those responding to the offer were married couples so I felt better. When I told Jeremy this he then asked me if it would be a "swingers" party. No chance of that.

Here's one of my favorite radio personalities, Bill, as he cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers for all the families and the few disappointed single parents actually hoping to meet someone.

That photo was taken from so far away. I'm not really a good stalker.

Henners was so preoccupied by the short bus that the radio people drove to the park.

He insisted over and over that he get to ride the short bus. Oh, those words!

I did muster up enough courage to go talk to Gina, another one of the DJs but I didn't get photographic evidence. It would be kind of weird to ask for a picture of us together while we're talking and while she's feeding her infant. I may be a stalker, but I'm a polite one. She did comment on how cute our children were and she was especially taken with Henry even before she knew he was mine. Gina and I talked for a good ten minutes and she was impressed/scared by all of my Radio From Hell knowledge. Oh, yes, Gina, I DO know where you live, I DO see you at lunch all the time and I DO recall the name of your first gig on that radio station almost 16 years ago. (cue crazy psycho music....now!)

After I had accomplished my goal of becoming BFFs with Gina, the rest of my family decided it was time to view the Dinosaur Park for the third time that month. THIRD time, people! That's amazing considering it was only the 7th of June, don't you think?

Here's Henry's favorite thing at the park this month. It's a prehistoric crocodile. We always pretend we don't know where it is and that we need his help to find it. He loves showing us the way. He might also think we're a little bit daft.

Here's Henry gloating to himself about once again successfully finding the croc. He's also hoping he doesn't inherit our poor memory skills.

Stopping to look at the pond now.

Now we're digging for dino bones.

Still digging. But something just to the right has caught the Manster's eye. What could it be?

Bunnies! When you think dinosaurs, you think bunnies, right?

Henry loves to visit and feed the bunnies.

After Henry successfully fed the bunnies and I had somewhat successfully stalked my DJs, we decided it was time to leave. Actually, the rain decided it was time to leave. On our way out, Henry discovered revolving doors.

He also discovered they only revolve one way.

And no matter how hard he pulled, they wouldn't turn the other way.

More trying.

Even more revolving.

You may have won this time, door. But Henry will be back. In about two days, or so if we stay on this record pace of visiting the park. And we'll have the last laugh. Or not.

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