June 8, 2008

Magnificent Lady

So much of what is written here on this "blob" is geared around Henry. He's loud and adventurous and at an age where almost everything he says just cracks us up. But I have to give a shout out to our little peanut, Reesie. It seems that almost overnight her little personality has become so big and so apparent that it amazes me.

She doesn't crave the center of attention as Henry does. She's more of the type to want to be very social, but not be the focus. She definitely recognizes places now especially anywhere at home or her classroom at school. Her little arms just wave like crazy when she is carried through that doorway at school and she sees all the other infants.

Her favorite people are Henry and Meesha, in that order. Jeremy and I tie for a close third.

Here we are dressed as pirates last weekend.

She wouldn't look at the camera here because her second favorite person, the cat, Meesha, was hovering just below her high chair.

Henners loved that we dressed as pirates. I actually just wore the bandanna to do yard work and thought Reesie would like one too. Henry saw us and clapped his hands and then ran off screaming. I had no idea what to think. The next thing I know, he was in front of me with his pirate hat on insisting on pictures.


Jeremy was a reluctant pirate as he had no pirate gear.

Anyway, back to Reese. She's so happy, and so curious. I can't believe how curious she is. She's a go-getter at age 7 1/2 months more so than even Henry was at that age. When she sees something she wants/likes, it's as though she doesn't even hesitate. She quickly grabs it. I know it sounds like typical infant stuff, but it's not. I can tell that's an important part of her personality that she inherited from Tim and Keely. And I love them for it, more than they'll ever know. This little girl won't be afraid to go after what she wants in life. I know that Jeremy and I can teach her this, but a person needs that instinct to follow through on it. That can't be taught.

If you watch her closely, you can see her trying to figure things out. She's not crawling quite yet, but she's doing some impressive yoga poses (think downward dog) and can rotate herself on her tummy and roll and scoot just about anywhere. She loves to be entertained and to be social. I kind of like to think that she'll be one of the cool girls in school. You know, without all the drama, and "look at me" attitude. She's smart and resourceful already.

Reesie likes her green veggies the best and doesn't much care for the orange kind. She won't even pretend. These pictures were taken right in the middle of her worst week of teething so she doesn't appear too jolly. That's all behind us now. She's got two bottom teeth to show for her week of pain, plus more soon to be popping out, I'm sure.

Here she is outside in her play yard while I am doing yard work.

Here's Henners relaxing in the sun after swimming with an orange frozen treat while I do some serious weed pulling.

More relaxing and more treating.

We did yard work and lounged around the house this day instead of going to our local water park. You see, Henry had a monumental melt down the day prior and as punishment, we cancelled his swimming trip. Sad story I know. But before you feel too sorry for him, know that by Saturday, he had such good behavior that we rushed out and bought him a large inflatable pool for the backyard. Oh, we are such push overs.
After the swimming and yard working, this happened...

Can you tell what it is? Why, it's feats of strength, of course.

Ooh. Jeremy's got Henners in a predicament here.

But all it takes is one size seven foot to the groin and Jeremy's a goner.

Ouch. Score: Henry 1, Jeremy 2 (sore jewels).

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