June 25, 2008

Sometimes You're Thirty Three

Sometimes you wake up and it's your birthday. This makes you happy, but kind of sad too. When you hit your thirties (or a few more years into them in this case) your clothes kind of give way. Witness Jeremy's boxers that have the elastic blown out in them.

This is sad, just sad. To make it up to you on your birthday, your spouse suggests taking you and the childrens out to breakfast. You agree because eggs always make you forget your underwear woes.

While at breakfast, you all decide to have a staring contest to see who can hold out the longest without smiling.

You start out all strong. You think to yourself, "It's my birthday and I'm gonna win."

Reesie is stoic even though she doesn't know what a staring contest is.

Henry tries to cheat by wearing glasses to disguise himself.

Mom stares at him intently. She's going to break the Little Man down.

Busted. Henners is no good at these things.

Oh. Now you're starting to crack too. You quickly divert your eyes away so you don't smile. This is a risky move because it blows your concentration completely.

Reesie goes in for the kill. She has really picked it up and the momentum seems to be tipping in her favor.

Yep. An eight month old totally broke you down, dude. You SO smiled first.

A quick glance at Henners shows he is STILL smiling.

Oh, well. Joke's on the rest of the family, you guess. After all, it IS your birthday and you're NOT wearing any underwear.

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