June 30, 2008

Weekend in Fast Forward

Wake up, log in, work from home (just a little), feed Reesie (a lot), coax Henry into eating, pack up, peanut butter, knife, drive thru gas station, water, suckers (two please!), play date.

Park, shade, relax, fancy sandwiches, slippery slide, peeing on trees.

Go home, get kids settled, get kids up, drive, traffic, meet parents, delicious food, birthday envy, pull one over on server, faux birthday, happy boy, tired girl.

Wake up....get up, stand up, people put your hands up (sorry, I got carried away), shower, shave, breakfast, ride four-wheeler on front lawn, ride bicycle on front lawn, Heritage Days, hot, people watching, blow $40 in two hours on children's activities.

Cute girl, tiki bounce house, Spongebob bounce house, pumpkin bounce house, Spiderman obsticale course, Super obsticale course.

Tired boy, get drinks, tractor train, bull ride, FUNNEL CAKE, tired girl, hot boy, hotter parents.More tractor train, skateboarders, excited boy.

Drive, purchase mass quantities of soda pop, visit Jeremy's parents, Reese wears a dress, eat delicious ribs, eat lots of potato salad, pants on head, Spiderwick, caveman cock blocking, boob sloobing, shim shammin.

More driving, packing up, car shuffling, urban hike, Henry's not-so-secret crush, the Shafers, more urban hiking, fireworks.

Whew! That's it. For more photos of our Heritage Days adventures, click here. To just see more photos of our family, go here.

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