June 25, 2008

Educational Wiz

Turns out I'm a whiz with the cheese wiz stuff.

Lately, we've been teaching Henry his letters by squirting canned cheese on to crackers. Mom of the year, I know. I actually thought that I was sort of clever working learning into a fun activity until my dear friend Julee told me about her sister/friend, Penny. Apparently super-mom Penny takes her children on field trips to places that begin with a certain letter to drive home the learning experience. For example, if the letter is 'K', the kids go on an excursion to Krispy Kreme.

I saw Penny last night and complimented her on her creativity. She was all, "Whatever! I would have never thought of using Cheeze Wiz!"

Thanks for trying to be nice, Penny. Well, maybe when you get to the letter 'C' you can use my cheese and crackers idea. Or when you get to 'P' for processed, or 'U' for unhealthy.

I say, canned cheese and crackers are easier and they make Henners happy. Maybe in the fall I'll do the field trip thing, but for now, the boy gets a processed non-dairy product on a Ritz.

Anyhoo, (did I just type anyhoo?) Henry loves to shout out letters that he wants me to draw on these little crackers. His favorites include 'H', 'O', and 'M'. But lately his requests have become a little more demanding and complicated.

Witness the canned cheese 'Star'.

Here's the canned cheese 'Spongebob'.

Here's Henry eating the canned cheese 'Spongebob'.

Now, just where do you think Penny's going to take her kids to demonstrate THAT lesson? Thanks for having me over last night, Penny. I had fun. I can't wait to see my new purse!

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