June 16, 2008

The Lazy Hiker

Jeremy decided that for Father's Day he would like to venture up to Cache Valley, hit up his favorite greasy spoon for breakfast and then go for a short day hike up Logan River Parkway. The kids and I were all for it. We really didn't have a choice though, it was Jeremy's day.

By the time we rolled into Logan, it was the peak of breakfast time, 9:30 am. Jeremy and I had been discussing what we would be ordering once we hit Angie's Restaurant. Jeremy was jonesing for their big breakfast. I was going to have an egg white omelett. Yum.

But when we pulled up to Angie's, we saw a line out the door and even more people stuffed in the waiting area. It didn't look good and Henry was starting to ask all sorts of questions about when his breakfast would get here. Instead of braving the 40 minute line, we did what any respectable family would do, we went to McDonald's.

See how the Father figure in our family is actually okay with his sausage, egg and cheese biscuit meal.

Henry insisted on chicken for breakfast. Luckily, Mickey-D's now has chicken on their breakfast menu. Henry dug in.

Then he spit it out.

Reesie thought Henry's troubles were amusing.

As I gazed at our beautiful girl, I became fixated on her cute little piggy toes.

So cute.

While I was hypnotized by Reesie's feet, Henners swiped my breakfast sandwitch.

Too bad. So sad. The man child taunts me.

After the breakfast and the taunting was over, we packed up and drove up the majestic looking Logan Canyon. Here's 3/4 of our family before embarking on our scenic hike.

Reese, are you ready?

Are you really ready?

She seems a little unsure now doesn't she. No worries. She loved the hike.

The men started out strong. They were on a brisk pace from the start.

Reese and I were a bit more leasurely. We stopped to take in the beauty all around us.

And beneath us. Look at my piggy toes. Why deprive nature of seeing these freshly manicured suckers?

We caught up with the boys around the next bend. By that time, Henners had wrangled his way on top of Jeremy. Apparently the concept of hiking was lost on the Manster.

More beauty.

More Manster.

Henry and Jeremy did a bit of climbing....

....on this mossy rock.

I watched and cheered them on. I was not about to ruin my pedicure.

Then we stopped to throw rocks into the river.

It was a perfect time to feed Reesie.

During her bottle time, I noticed she had a curious look about her. She was troubled by something down by the river.

Ahh. Brother becoming one with nature.

While all the peeing in the river was taking place, Reesie tried her best to steal my ring. Future suitors of Reesie be on notice: This girl likes her some bling bling.

Besides working me over for my jewelry, Reesie's been working on something else lately. A new tooth. I encouraged her to open up and smile for me.

Umm...that's cute and all, but let me see your tooth.

Still no tooth. Give me a bigger smile, girl.

That's adorable, but not quite. I decided to demonstrate for the wee one.

Much better. There they are! Do you see them?

After all the smiling, Reese decided she needed to be incognito with my oversized shades.

We then decided to head back to the car. Henry was off and running.

But he quickly grew tired. What's with the short stamina? He begged us to let him ride in the jog stroller on the way back. Reesie wasn't too happy.

Not happy at all. See her dirty look? She's totally getting better at them.

Henry cruised in comfort on the way down the trail.

But so did Reesie.

Thanks, Jeremy for being a father. You're a great one. All my love, always!

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