June 21, 2008

Helpy Helperson

Sometimes, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Brent let time slip away from them. Sometimes, before they know it, Christmas is gone and summer is upon them. Their house wouldn't know it though. Take a look at the sweet Christmas lights still atop their roof.

Sometimes these same Grandparents call you up and their all, "Henry and Reese, can your parents come up to help us take down our Christmas lights? We're just not feeling that festive anymore. That, and it is almost July, you know."

And Henry's all, "Uh huh."

So your son has signed you up to do some hard, manual labor over Father's Day weekend without any prior consultation. Here, Hennners thinks he's only been recruited to supervise.

Um, I don't think so. Little man, grab a handful of lights and get to steppin'.

Apparently, Henry isn't into the whole 'Christmas Spirit' thing. He's all, "That was so, like six months ago."

He'd rather bust some serious dance moves.

More constructive dancing.

Reesie is a fan. She eggs him on.

After all the dancing and singing Christmas songs, (he sort of got the gist of the exercise), Henners and Dad decided to cool off in Grandpa's creek.

This is waaaay better than forced manual labor.

And surprises. Look! An electronic keyboard. Sometimes fortune just smiles upon you, my friends. If we'd only known about this earlier, Grandma could have played back up for Henry's musical show.

The boys keep heading up the creek. Grandpa keeps a close watch on them.

Once they get out of the creek, Henners announces that he needs to take care of some other business. What could it be?

It's pee business! Look how proud The Manster is as he wizzes off Grandpa's bridge.

Yay! He may not excel in assisting in the long overdue taking down of holiday cheer, but Henry does master the peeing off a bridge category.

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