June 16, 2008

I Met Someone

Friday, my Mom and I had a girl’s afternoon filled with shopping, people watching, gossiping and movie watching (SATC third time, yo!). We had such a good time. I actually bought tops. I never buy “tops”. I’m a practical, cotton, what ever makes spit up or food spills less noticeable type of gal. I was totally feeling the awesome sales and fun summer frocks we found. I even had to call my girl, Julee, at work and tell her to get her tiny hiney down to the mall to partake in the fashion fun.

However, shopping is not the focus of my post today. It’s much more exciting than that. I met someone. Well, I guess I should say that I met SOMEONES, plural. Those were the first words I said to Jeremy when I arrived home after my afternoon of fun.

Let me walk you through it. While my Mother and I waited in our theater seats for SATC to start I looked around and noticed only one other person in the theater. It was a man, maybe in his late thirties, early forties, sitting by himself. He was seated in the row directly in front of us, just one seat to my right. As we entered the theater, I noticed his wife left the auditorium to take a phone call. I felt kind of awkward just carrying on a conversation with my Mom with the guy sitting there all by his lonesome. He was trying his hardest to look busy and preoccupied by checking his phone or looking at the lighting above his head.

“Well, it’s good to see the men representing at this movie,” I said to him.

He then turned around and from there it was blah, blah, this, blah , blah that. (BTW: those are GOOD blahs, not bad blahs) This guy was, as Jeremy would say, “on and crackin’”. This Random Guy was WAY into movies, celebrity stats and gossip. I had died and gone to heaven. Random Guy, my Mom and I were laughing and getting on so well.

His wife came back just as we were discussing our mutual love of Johnny Depp of today as opposed to the Johnny Depp of 21 Jump Street. She chimed right in about news of making 21 Jump Street into a movie. Wow! Random Wife was even cooler than Random Guy. Who saw THAT coming? Not me.

Random Wife had me wowed with her keen knowledge of 90210, her love of Christian Bale and the difference between Corey Haim vs Corey Feldman. Did you all know they have made a Lost Boys 2? Random Wife did.

FYI: This image is not really The Randoms. It's just an image I found online. I would be totally creepy to take their picture after just meeting them. Maybe next time....

If Random Guy was a wiz in movie trivia and general celebrity gossip, then Random Wife was a master specialist in 80’s movie and television facts. With Jeremy’s sports scandal knowledge and my celebrity who’s dating whom and movie savvy, the four of us would be unstoppable!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Random Guy mentioned that he was sad he would be missing some the best fall movie premiers because he would be hunting in Idaho. WHAT?!
Random Guy and Random Wife were me and Jeremy’s exact soul mates in a couple! I never thought this would be possible. And I totally found them on a Friday afternoon in Layton. Again, I say to you, wow.

This story, I’m afraid, has a sad ending. As the movie ended the four of us (My Mom, me and the Randoms) walked out and met each other at the garbage cans. We said an awkward goodbye and Random Wife said, “Well, well see you at the movies!”

Sniff, sniff. I hope.

I told Jeremy last night that we should hang out at the movies all weekend long for the next few weeks in the hopes that we “accidentally” run into the Randoms. For sure when The Dark Knight comes out we need to make ourselves semi-permanent fixtures at The Layton Hills Movies 9. I overheard the Random powercouple planning their trip to the movies opening weekend to catch that flick. But now that I think of it, I might only recognize the Randoms if their backs are to me and they are cranking their necks around about 90 degrees to talk to me. Drats.

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