June 16, 2008


In order to help save the planet and reduce our carbon foot print, Jeremy and I are driving together as much as we can to work. This is what it’s like when Jeremy and I commute together:

Set up: Me, climbing out of the passenger side of the car. Let me clarify, me climbing out of the passenger side of the car in the most ungraceful manner ever. After I stand up and straighten out my shirt and smooth my pants I look up to see Jeremy giving me an intense, quizzical look.

Me: What? What are you looking at?
Jeremy: Nothing. (smiling)
Me: You’re totally thinking that you could get someone so much better than me right now, aren’t you?
Jeremy: No. Not at all. (hugging me) I’m just wondering if I could fit you in the trunk with the stroller, the spare tire and your secret shopping bags.

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