May 12, 2008

Secret? Not So Much.

Remember Jeremy's revelation about The Secret? Last week, Jeremy had another encounter with that lonely stretch of highway near Henefer. Remember when he happened upon the bungee cord that he desperately needed to fix our rental car bumper? And remember he thought to himself, if only the universe will grant a wish for some sort of binding material to secure our bumper? Remember when he found one lonely bungee cord along the side of the highway?

Fast forward to last week when our flux capacitor (that's what I call all engine parts) in our truck went out. No big deal, it was some sort of fuel module and it was under warranty. Anyway, while Jeremy was waiting for the tow truck to come pick him up he leaned against the same guard rail where he rested at a few weeks ago. As he looked down he noticed a pile of bungee cords laying there. Turns out, the secret wish for a bungee cord that Jeremy threw into the universe was no happy accident. The combination of windy highway roads and bumpy terrain makes for good bungee cord extraction conditions.

Keep wishin'!