May 12, 2008

A Mutha in Nature

On Mother's Day I awoke to wonderful gifts from my husband and children. They were heartfelt and homemade. If you want to see them, you'll have to come visit us. Also on Mother's Day, I had the hankerin' for a nature hikin' trip. Nothing aggressive, just some light treading for the family.

We decided to head up to our land up in Deep Creek (pronounced Deep Crick). Henry thinks it's called "Crickets". We think that's cute. So we loaded ourselves, two kids, two dogs and one 4-wheeler in the truck. Off we went.

On the way to Crickets I smelled something afoul in the truck. Pew! Henry had ripped one.

We arrived at our destination in no time and were met with nature's beauty. This made me quickly forget about Henry's natural body emission.

More beauty. No emissions.

Henry was stoked to get on his 4-wheeler and take off.

Taking off.

More taking off.


I tried to get fresh with Maxie. He kind of played hard to get.

After Maxie turned me down big time, I found solace in the nature around me. Flowers are found in nature.

Purple flowers too.

Elk droppings are found in nature.

So is Batty Dog poop.

This is what I look like in nature.

While I enjoyed nature, the dogs enjoyed running and exploring.

Also, they enjoyed bottled water in nature.

This is the ledge where Henry peed off into. I bring you yet, more nature.

Reesie woke up from her short nature nap and joined us. This is what she looks like when she's not so sure she made the right decision by waking up.

Still a little unsure. What's with the harness, old man?

Wait. She totally digs the harness now.

We had already enjoyed the nature part of our adventure, now came to the hikin' part of the day. Hiking is one area where I totally kick Jeremy's a**. He can't keep up with my long stride. Unless he's chasing an animal or heading to a river to fish, Jeremy is not a fast walker. Here's what Jeremy and Reesie look like as they eat my dust on the hiking trail.

Oh snap! I got a little cocky, because here's Henry and the dogs totally wasting me on the hike.

Reese second guesses her decision to hitch her wagon (harness) to Jeremy. Mom's a faster hiker.

I let them catch up to me as I pretend to take interest in this tree.

Yay! Back together again.

We all stop at this fallen tree to take a rest and "just think about it" as Henry would say.

Something has caught Reese's eye.

It's Maxie.

Reesie and Maxie bond for a while.

Just then, we hear a noise just up ahead. Is it a wild animal? Sort of. It's Henry and Batty running through the trees.

I convince Henners to come back. He picks up every stick he sees on the way and brings them to me. Thanks, son. With that, we're on our way up the hill again.

Apparently, riding a 4-wheeler, running through the forest and picking up sticks makes you tired. Henry requested a piggy back ride.

With almost 50 extra pounds strapped to him, Jeremy won't be able to hike anywhere anytime soon. I can't see any wild animals for him to chase nor is there a stream stocked with fish. So I offer to carry the man child up the hill. This is how we look in nature. (The blanket is for warmth people)

After our hike, Henry proclaimed he was "the tiredest ever, Momma." He wanted to "lay down and just think about it." Here is where he decided to lie down. A dog kennel. Nice.

That's how the Glass family deals with Mother Nature.

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