May 11, 2008

Ogden Can Be Awesome: Installment 2

So after all the fishing we did in our first installment of Ogden CAN Be Awesome, we decided we had worked ourselves up an appetite. We were also feeling warm feelings for Ogden so we opted to hit up one of Ogden's finest burger joints, Dylans. We took our food with us to the beloved Dee Memorial Park for a picnic. If anything typifies Ogden, it's the Dee Memorial Park. First of all, it has the name "Dee" in it. Lots of things in Ogden have that name in the title. Second, it's a park for kids and families that has no playground equipment what so ever. Ogden. Awesome.

Here I am enjoying my first bite of my bacon cheeseburger.

Jeremy also loves his burger selection.

Henry seems pleased as well.

Reesie watched us as we ate. I think she was trying to give us dirty looks, but the sun made it seem as though she was smiling. I just rolled with that. She's not to jazzed about all the pureed food she eats lately. She's thinks she's ready for bigger and baconier things.

Can't you see the longing for pork in her blue eyes?

Aw. Defeat. She knows it's vegetable medley for her.

Henry thought he'd be fancy while he ate his fries.

Again, Reesie longed for a french fry. Sorry little one, not today.

After lunch, Henry thought it would be awesome to start a fire with two sticks. This kept him contained for about two minutes, so we just let him go at it.

Unsuccessful. Darn it.

We then noticed we had a few visitors.

Then a few more. The Dee Memorial Park was starting to look like a John Woo film. (lots of white birds, get it? Rent his films, you'll notice the doves.)

However, these were no doves. They were seagulls and they wanted our food. Henry obliged them with the throwing of french fries.

The gulls weren't too aggressive. They wouldn't get very close to us. They must not be city gulls.

Hey, did you notice the mail trucks in that last picture? This may not seem significant now, but stay tuned. Here's a closer view of the trucks.

Another oddity we noticed? Jeremy's shoes. Check out that rainbow! He wondered why they were so cheap at Big-5. Now we know.

Here's me and Henry making fun of Dad and his shoes.

Here's Henry and Grandpa stopping to "just think about it."

Thinking makes Henry tired.

We decide to lay down to cuddle. Henry keeps one eye on the mail trucks.

Now both eyes on the camera.

Henry's restful period lasted for about four minutes. We were off to explore what else the park had to offer. We didn't walk very far before we found this! Ogden's version of Stonehenge.

More of the historic Stonehenge.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that this area must have been set up for some Pagan ritual game of checkers or chess. Who in Ogden plays chess? Notice the rudimentary tables that were built for such activities. This must have been erected tens of years ago. Time has taken its toll on this relic.

Time and gangs in Ogden.

We also came across a tree growing sideways.

Henry tried out the tree.

Meanwhile, back at base camp where Dad, the Grandparents and all the blankets were, Reesie was working her cuteness to her advantage.

Yep. Totally winning the crowd over.

Next, Reese decided to explore the park from the ground up. Here she is enjoying some tummy time.

Hey everybody. Come see how good I look.

Way good.

Way gooder. (not a word, I know)

After all the looking good on the ground, Reesie and I decided to cuddle.

And as typical, the boys engaged in feats of strength. Here's Henry proving he's awesome at hanging from things.

Here's Jeremy proving he's good at cheating at hanging from things.

Here's Reese and me cheering them on.

More cheering.

After Henry did the "in your face" dance to Jeremy for winning the feats of strength competition due to Jeremy's blatant cheating, Henry decided he'd had enough and headed for the truck.

Wait up, little man! Dad's got to pack our stuff up. Here he is packing.

Whoa! The mail trucks have multiplied! We weren't too sure what was up with all the mail trucks. But we were even more suspicious of all the mail carriers that were lunching just next to us. I didn't dare take their picture because I was worried I would be somehow committing a federal offense. Also, you could hear them laughing. Mailman jokes? Their laughter sounded meniacle. (Wow, I really have to start using that word more often.)

I did, however, get a closer look at some of their dealings. This guy kept moving bags from his truck into a few other trucks. Has anyone else seen the Seinfield episode where Newman and Kramer use the mail truck to deliver empty soda bottles and cans across state lines to collect the deposit money? They do it Mother's Day weekend, the "Mother of all holidays."

I just thought you should know, the mail carriers were drinking a lot of canned soda. You should also know it is Mother's Day weekend. You heard it hear first.

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