May 11, 2008

Ogden Can Be Awesome: Installment 1

Tuesday evening, I casually mentioned to Jeremy that it might be fun to take the childrens fishing this weekend. He instantly shot me a look of love and complete adoration that I swear I haven't seen since our fifth date. His eyes were literally dancing. Before I could even finish my sentence, Jeremy whipped out his phone, pulled up a phone number from his contacts and was dialing. When the person on the other line answered, I heard the most intense line of questioning from Jeremy that would rival anything you'd see on NBC's Law and Order.

He was all, "What are your hours? What's the best bait? Children friendly? Cost? Amenities? Do you know how much I love fishing?"

If Jeremy had been looking at me he would have seen that I was shooting him a look of love that he hadn't seen since our seventh date. Never had I seen him so prepared, so excited, so awesome.

Jeremy had called a fish farm in North Ogden that he frequented when he was little with his Grandpa. He was anxious to take Henry and Reese to visit it too. I've not seen him so giddy or ready for anything in his entire life. That includes our wedding, people.

All week long, Jeremy would give me updates on the fishing trip progress. He was obsessed. He also got Henry a little obsessed too. Jeremy had made so many calls to the Cold Springs Fish Farm that I fully expected they would recognize him when we arrived.

Here's our first view of the fish farm and nature. Who knew anything in Ogden could be this breath taking?

Here's Henry and Jeremy and a big bucket running to the pond. They couldn't walk as we entered the area, they had to run.

Here's Henry having fun before he knows about all the fun-having of fishing.

The men get their bait ready.

The Shrek fishing pole will be donning salmon eggs.

Skunky salmon eggs.

Here they are after their first cast. The Shrek fishing pole was about to get a work out.

Looks like Henry's got one!

Yay! Less than two minutes with the pole in the water and Henners is victorious.

A closer view of the spoils.

Henry was a little disappointed that the fish wasn't yellow, but eventually warmed up to the silver fish. We threw it in the bucket. Henry was curious about his fish in the bucket and checked it frequently.

Pretty soon, he caught his first fish a "friend".

Henry assigned Grandma Jo to be the watcher of the fish bucket. Every few minutes, he would call over his shoulder to make sure she had her eye on that bucket.

It was Henry's assignment to fish "really, really hard."

Dad was assigned to be the helper.

Grandpa kept an eye on the pond.

Reesie's assignment was to sleep through the entire thing.

It was my job to watch Henry.

Here we are relaxing in nature.

We moved on to a bigger pond after a little bit. The fishing was a little more challenging here. We only caught a fish every six minutes, as opposed to every three minutes.

More challenging fishing.

Sometimes Henry would find it difficult to reel in his fish. He used the time tested technique of just getting enough footing to whip the fish out of the pond. He pegged Jeremy with a live fish on his line a few times.

Wow. That's a huge fish, dude.

Yes it is. Thanks for noticing.

Look how many fish friends he has now!

Later, to apologize to the fish for stealing six of their friends, we decided to give back to the pond. Grandma and Henry fed the fish with fish food. Grandma suggested throwing a tiny pinch of food at a time. Henry preferred dumping the entire paper cup full of food all at once. Don't ever say Henry isn't efficient at what he does.

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