April 27, 2008

Growing Pains

No, not that kind of Growing Pains. Sadly, I'm afraid the growing pains I'm talking about don't involve Alan Thicke or Kirk Cameron at all. The growing pains I'm talking about involve Henry, Jeremy, me, late nights and very early (inconvenient) mornings.

Over the past six weeks, there has been maybe a handful of times when Henry would wake up in the middle of night crying and complaining of pain. He couldn't be specific where he hurt, he just wanted to be comforted and loved. Jeremy and I didn't know what was causing this. We were concerned, but not overly so. Recently, the middle of the night interruptions have increased (maybe to one a week, average). Henry typically says it's one of his knees or a leg. We've racked our brains, recalling the day before and going through eveything Henry had done. Had he hurt himself? Was it something more serious?

Then this morning, at 2:35 am, I had a thought. I remembered when I was small I would get aches and pains and frequent "charlie horses" in my legs. I asked Jeremy if he thought that was a possiblity. He countered with the notion of "growing pains." Hmm, I thought, weren't those just an old wives tale?

Turns out the answer is yes and no. Growing pains are very real, but they're not from actually growing, per se. The minor aching sensation is from muscle strain and fatigue. I looked them up in our What to Expect: The Toddler Years book and they describe our whole scenario perfectly. They typically flair up in the night and will subside eventually (in three years). The child just needs some comforting, a warm bath and a light pressure massage.

Jumping back to the other Growing Pains (the television sitcom). Did you all know that Leonardo DiCaprio had a guest bit as the family's cousin? He was on the show for a season or two. Facinating.

Stay tuned to this blog until at least 2018 when I explain the facts of life to Reese by drawing metaphors to the Facts of Life (also, an 80's television sitcom). Who said all my trivial television knowledge won't come in helpful one day? Did you also know George Clooney appeared on the Facts of Life from 1985-1986? He was the handyman and he was charming back then too. This picture doesn't do the show justice. Those old enough will notice Mrs. Garrett is missing as well as Jo's signature pony tail.

Anyone interested in knowing other awesome facts about 80's television, please call me. I can tell you who Alex P. Keaton's girlfriend was, who Willis' girlfriends were and exactly who shot J.R. If you don't know who any of these people are, well, then we need to carve out some time for lunch so I can give you a brief history.

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