April 27, 2008

Worth 1000 Words?

So, I picked the childrens up from school on Thursday and before I could even swipe my security card, my friend at the front desk excitedly yelled to me that "Pictures are in! Finally!" What pictures? I must of had the look of duh on my face, because Kristy then explained that while at school the kids had a photo shoot about two weeks earlier and the proofs were ready to be looked over. She handed me a thick folder, which I opened. I then saw dozens and dozens of photos of Henry and Reese dressed up in "period piece" wear.

Kristy was helpful and pointed out the best bargain to consider when ordering the photos. I tried to pay attention to her, I honestly did. But if you know me, you undoubtedly know that it takes two times to explain almost anything to me. I'm not a very good verbal learner.

Anyway, Kristy was going over all the package options for the photos, and I briefly glanced at the prices. They were spendy. The "bargain" package was $140.00 and the cheapest package was $105.00. Neither of these is a bargain or cheap in my book. All the while my brain is trying to process what is being explained to me, I can't help looking at the photos with my mouth wide open. So many thoughts are running through my mind. What are the kids wearing? Henry willingly sat still for these?

Also, these photos are against everything I stand for; staged children's photos with themes, period piece clothing and obvious photoshop work. I'm a brat, I know. However, with that said, would you take a look at how cute the kids look in these?!

Reesie looks adorable. Henry looks so charming. One day, Reesie and I will look back at these and know how precious she looked. One day, I will show Henry's prom date these photos. She will see that he was not only handsome at a young age, but he also wore knickers at age three.

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