April 28, 2008

Am I Easy or Evil Like Sunday Morning?

I went to the salon Saturday to get me some beauty done to my mangy hair. As usual, Matt worked his magic and I'm now somewhat presentable. For almost three years now, I've noticed that Matt will ask his assistant to shampoo my hair for him. He looks it over and tells her, after much thought, that she better give me a Sunday shampoo. The first time I heard this I thought Sunday shampoo referred to some sort of salon technique and that he was using insider lingo.

As I kept up my appointments faithfully, I noticed that I only heard Sunday shampoo when referring to me. My paranoia crept in and I began to wonder if somehow this was code for certain clients. Maybe I was difficult? Was my hair awful? Dry? What was it?

Finally, after all the appointments, I promised myself that this time I would get the courage up to ask the shampoo gal just what had I done to deserve this treatment. She'd level with me, I just knew it. So while she's massaging my scalp, ever so nicely, I casually ask her about it. Turns out Sunday Shampoo is a clarifying rinse formula distributed by Bumble & Bumble. It's name comes from the notion that you use it once a week only to give your hair a healthy, clean shine and rid it of all the toxins you've collected during the week.

Sunday. So it's kind of like church for your hair? I knew it, Matt thinks I'm evil. Or at the very least, my hair is.

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