March 23, 2008

Why So Early

Easter Greetings From Us
Oh, Easter. Why did you come so early? We're still reeling from St. Patrick's Day.

Eastery Things
Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and shared your time with people that you love, or at least people you tolerate. I was fortunate to spend my weekend with people I love. Since you've obviously checked in on our blog, you must be dying to know all the exciting Eastery things the Glass family did on this most Eastery of all weekends. Hold on, cuz here's how it went down...

We did Eastery things with 2 dozen eggs, a handful of cups and some dye.

The Easter Bunny found Henry and Reese.

Henry and Reese found the Easter Bunny (plus an awkward encounter with his side kick at a dollar store)

Reesie scored Eastery, yet attractive swimwear (tankini, everyone!)

Henry and Paul engaged in the Eastery tradition (3rd year in a row!) of demonstrating feats of strength on our front lawn. This year Henry challenged Paul to a wrestling match. Henry totally won, but Paul claims some cheap shots were used. I say Paul is just a sore looser.

Michelle (Paul's wife and Henry's love interest) looked on with excitement at the annual lawn match as did her dog, Stuey

Later, Henry took some time to have serious thoughts about Easter.

So did Reese.

But then she thought better of it.

A new Eastery tradition started this year. Guns!

It is a well-know fact that Grandparents love Eastery things. Here's Reesie experiencing Eastery love from Grandma Lauri and Great G-ma and Great G-pa Young. (Other Grandparents offered Eastery love too, but I failed to capture those magical moments on film)

Dinosaurs are Eastery Too. Aren't They?
On Saturday, or as we like to call it, "Eastery Eve", we headed up to the Eccles Dinosaur Park for Eastery fun. Also, Henry's body is finely tuned to know if he hasn't been to the park in over three weeks. It's weird, but he seriously knows if too much time has gone by and he begins to become slightly unruly unless he gets a dinosaur fix.

Anyway, we went to the Dinosaur Park for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. We did it all wrong though. Our game plan was to arrive early and get a good position for all the egg hunting that Henry would be doing.

Here's what Henry looked like in the car on the way to the Eastery Egg Hunt.

By getting to the park so early, we definitely secured a good place in line, but we also had to wait for quite a while for the festivities to begin. This is what we looked like waiting in line.

Henry waits by a wall.

A teeny-tiny Henners and a giant Jeremy wait by a wall.

Reesie waits warmly in her stroller, but she looks surprised. Am I mistaken?

Nope. She's surprised.

Jeremy and I think we make waiting in line look awesome.

Here's what Henry looks like when he asks for the 6th time "Momma, when are we going to start?"

Here's Henry's face when we finally got moving!

Henry found a sweet egg hiding spot and hit the jackpot of 10 eggs in one place. He didn't even have to run all over to find them. Jeremy was so proud. Here's what Henry looks like retrieving his eggs.

Henry said he didn't want the "lady colored eggs" and dedicated all the pink ones to Reesie. I asked him why he gave all the pink ones to her and he said because it was her favorite color and also the color of her room.

We hiked this hidden path into the museum before we left the park.

There, Henry's head was nearly eaten by a giant dinosaur.

Henry wanted me to pose in front of the talking Triceratops. He was disappointed that the dinosaurs weren't talking this day. He asked me to make dinosaur sounds for him instead. Just as I finished up, I saw a family of five come strolling around the corner to see what all the loud noises were. Henry immediately sold me out and pointed at me and said, "It's was Momma." Thanks for ratting me out, son.

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