March 23, 2008

Turnin' Four

Birthday Number Four
Saturday, it was Cousin Zoe's birthday party so we all gathered to celebrate her.

Here's Zoe knowing that she totally rocks her own party. Look at her cool demeanor as she takes a moment to flash us her very best "I'm totally four and you're not" look wearing her Spidey hat, sweet shades and a Dora vest. Fierce!

Zoe, just like Henry has an affinity for all things Scooby Doo so she loved her Scooby-style themed party. Here's the three cousins showing off their Scooby Doo gear.

Here's Henners offering a close encounters with his Scooby gear.

The kids each walked away from the party with super cool parting gifts made by Kimberly.

Here's the inside view.

Zoe was super excited to blow out her candle. I promise she was.

The cousins decided it would be awesome to have an ice cream mustache contest. Here's the unofficial results. They are unofficial because I was the only judge and haven't really supervised too many of these contests. I did the best I could, but the competition was fierce, I tell ya.

Second Runner-up - Henry. I have to give the kid props for trying, but he didn't really want the mustache as bad as the other kids. The girls got an early start on him and he was never able to quite catch up. I give him style points for the evenly placed ice cream rim around the lips, but his technique was a little off.

First Runner-up - Isabella. This was a tough call for me. Look how happy she is with her mustache. She didn't achieve the solid 'stache that Henry did, but her placement is much more spread out, proving a higher degree of difficulty. I also gave her style points for her previous placement of sloppy joe on the front of her shirt. Well done.

The Winner of the Ice Cream Mustache Contest - Zoe. Her mustache was by far the most ambitious of the evening. She had both artistic flair and the technical ability to totally pull it off. Notice how her 'stache is very wide, almost a goatee shape. She topped off her performance by adding 2 chocolate dimples on either side of her mouth. And don't even get me started about the ice cream artfully place just under her nose. Genius!

All the participants show off their 'staches.

Apparently, ice cream, cupcakes and candy gets toddlers all worked up. The cousins went outside to kick the massive snowbank in the backyard to burn off energy.

Grandma Granny held Reesie while her cousins kicked snow.

Snow kicking makes Reesie sleepy.

Before we left, Henners had to get a birthday hug from the birthday girl. Thanks for inviting us to your party, Zoe!

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