March 9, 2008

Vacation Interrupted

Look Out Vegas...Wait, We Can't Come
Long before the car wreck situation, Jeremy and I had planned a change of scenery trip to Las Vegas for March 6th-9th for just the two of us. Among the many, many sites to see in Vegas we had our eating itinerary all mapped out, plus maybe just one day to catch up on much needed rest where we would just lie in bed until 2:00 pm. It was to be heaven.

But it never happened. Thursday, Reesie came down with a high fever and when we took her to the Dr. he thought her ear infection needed a heavy dose of antibiotics. We had her checked just a few days prior because of the wreck, but her ears were fine then. Dr. Brown said that children's ears can turn in a matter of 12 hours from fine to infected. We didn't feel okay taking her with us and leaving Henry, nor did we want to go and leave her while she was sick. We opted to stay home, and try to have a mini vay-cay at home instead.

Henry was overly concerned that he wouldn't be able to still visit all the Grandparents over the weekend if his parents didn't hi-tail it out of town. We assured him that he could still do the 3- Grandparent tour over 3 days, but that we would be close with Reesie near by if he needed us. He then told us that he didn't need us and that "I be fine, Momma. Go. Bye".

What We Ate (in Utah)
So Friday, Jeremy and I lunched here...

We had planned to go to the Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas, but we settled for the Sandy, Utah location. Totally worth it. Here's why.

Here we are so happy to be waiting outside in the sun.

Here's the view of my favorite shoes as we were so happy waiting in the sun.

Here's a guy that talked way too loud on his cell phone about a "hiccup in his sex life." I'm not joking, people. This is a family blog site, so I won't tell you what we heard. But know that it was disgusting, yet so interesting.

Jeremy and I spotted a Mormon-looking version of Henry Rollins sitting next to us.

Also we're pretty sure a "dancer" sat next to us during lunch. She kept talking about her job in secret "code" language and then paid for her dinner with a huge roll of ones.

Here's our desert. It's not as exciting as the Mormon Henry Rollins or the stripper, but it was delicious.

What We Saw This Weekend (in Utah)
We saw Taz for the first time in two weeks.

We also saw Reesie looking cute in yellow.

Here she is again, also in yellow.

While driving around, Jeremy and I spotted this...

A closer view.

We had just seen the movie Hot Rod, so seeing a real, live stunt man was awesome. If you thought this real, live stunt man would be in his late 50's with a scruffy beard driving along the back highways in Morgan County, then you'd be right.

(BTW: if you missed those websites painted on the side of Dr. Danger's trailer, I've conveniently listed them for you below. Also, I checked out Dr. Danger's website, which is actually just a myspace page. It does look kind of interesting. He was obviously not driving the truck we saw or he's posted an extremely old, yet flattering picture of himself on his web page.)

Dr. Danger Stuntman
What is Pizza Beer? Looks/Sounds Disgusting
Racing Gurlz
Buffman and Wrench
Foot Oder? Finally a Cure!

Last, but not least, we also saw my favorite sign-holder dancer guy again. Jeremy thinks I love him. I think Jeremy might be right.

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