March 9, 2008

We Take The Road Less Traveled

We Won't Go Down That Road Again
For months, when ever we are driving down State Road 193 at the intersection of Hill Field Road, Henry has insisted that we head South. We've explained to him over and over that by turning left, it takes longer to get home. This intersection is where we were hit a week ago and prior to that, almost hit another two times in our truck.

So now we listen to our three year old and always turn left at that intersection when coming home from that direction instead of driving straight through. Who cares if it takes an extra 7-10 minutes to get home. At least we get there, right?

New Car Features
So the insurance company of the other driver involved settled with us and totaled our beloved little commuter car. We opted for a new car with upgrades from our last car.

Our new car has a bumper.

Our new car also has four wheels.

Jeremy likes our new car.

Soapy Suds
Sunday, along with everyone else in Davis County, we decided it would be a good idea to wash our car. Henry decided it would be a good idea to help Dad. Here's evidence that Henry was a good car wash helper. However, Henry was overly concerned about getting the car wet, which kind of defeated the whole purpose.

Just to clarify too. We used the self-wash bays to clean our car, not to torture our children like some crazies do.

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