March 5, 2008

Managing Our Personal Crisis

In Lifestyle We Are Accustomed
So if you've been following the story of our lives, we were in a car accident over the weekend and suffered what our insurance company calls a personal crisis. We received word today that the girl involved in the other side of the accident eventually did report the collision to her insurance and she did accept fault. She was even concerned for our welfare. This makes me and Jeremy feel a whole lot better. We sent word during the wreck to make sure she wasn't harmed as well, and from all indications, she was doing fine with no injuries.

After being told it would take up to five days to get us a rental car through the other driver's insurance, our insurance ponied up and got us a car in 2 hours. They said they would secure a car that would match our lifestyle. I told Jeremy to be sure and let them know that our "lifestyle" is that of wealthy suburbanites accustomed to finer things. Apparently, they insurance company misunderstood and thought we said we were chain smokers from Idaho as we were offered a Corolla with Idaho plates and smoke stench.

Here I am getting into the Corolla for the first time.

Here I am the second time.

Here I am during happier times in our beloved Ford Focus (Rest in Peace)

Here I am thinking of happier times in the Focus while driving the smokey Corolla.
Seriously though, we are grateful to have a temporary auto until we get some things straightened out. And Henry is beside himself to be able to drive around in the blue car he wished for.

Darned Video Games
Last week, a friend at work recommended the movie King of Kong, A Fistful of Quarters to me. It's a documentary sure to interest most of you even though you don't know it yet. I ask all of you to drop whatever you are doing right this minute (including reading this blog) and run right out and rent it immediately! I am still obsessed with it.

The film follows Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe, the two most notable classic arcade “Donkey Kong” players ever, in their ongoing quest to dominate one another. It is a real-life tale of shady characters, heartbreak and deceit. Oh, and video games.

I have always found it amusing and so interesting when people are so consumed with their own persona and life that they are oblivious to reality and how others perceive them in their false reality. This movie gives you a glimpse of the drama involved in the classic gaming world. I was riveted! So was Jeremy!

Jeremy noticed that no Frogger Champion was ever mentioned during the film so he suggested we break out the old Atari and get practicing.

We did that for about 20 minutes and then realized we were bored. The gamer life is not for us. Watching the drama of the gaming world, however, is.

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