March 3, 2008

Like, The Longest Post Ever, You Guys

March (And a Car) Hit Us Hard
So far, I could really do without March. The first day of March started out just fine (that's later in the post), but the second day and third day in March have not been kind to the Glass family. Sunday, March 2nd, the four of us were just returning from a baby blessing event in Morgan when our car was T-boned on the passenger side by a girl turning left who wasn't paying attention. She hit Henry's car door (driver's side), broke our rear axle and wheel clean off and sent us into a one and-a-half times around spin. Jeremy and I remember seeing her turn left coming from the opposite direction and we did the best we could to avoid the collision. We even veered out of her way, but her SUV managed to knock us over another lane of traffic. I recall feeling our wheel break off and seeing our wheel and axle bounce away from us. We have been told the car is most likely totaled.

Please know everyone in our car was and is safe. I can't write about specifics, because of the chance that we might need lawyers involved, but I did post a few picture of some of the damage below.

We spent well over an hour in the ambulance getting the kids checked out and waiting for family to arrive to give us a lift home. After Reesie took her bottle, she pretty much just hung out and looked cute for the EMT staff. Once Henry had calmed down, he thought he was pretty cool hanging with the policemen and firemen. He even walked away with parting gifts...

I told the EMT staff that Grandma and Grandpa Young would be on the scene. I told them to watch for a couple in a green Buick that look too young to be grandparents. I also told them that Grandma would have on glasses and be fairly frantic. Once they got there, Henry told everyone that "our wheel fell off our car and we are sad."

Lighter Moments
There were some brighter moments that came from this experience.

1. G-pa and G-ma Young bought Reese a brand new car seat and Henry had fun converting the box to a fort. (Thank you!)

2. Henry also reenacted the policeman at the crash scene taking down information. Henry issued me and Reese these citations the next day.

3. We explained to Henry that we were going to have a temporary car for awhile until they figure out what to do with our white one. Henry insisted that we get a blue car. To our surprise, the Hertz hooked us up with this sweet, blue ride. (manual locks and manual windows in the hizows!)

4. I asked Reese to give me her best "I've been through a personal tragedy, but I'm not gonna let it get me down look". This is what she gave me.

5. When the insurance agent asked Jeremy to state his relation to me he simply said "wife". I was surprised and a little hurt to hear he didn't refer to me as "soul mate".

6. Also, when recanting the story to the police officer and to the insurance agent, Jeremy peppered the conversation with "We had just returned from church" or, "We had just left a baby blessing at a church" or, "This is so crazy. One minute you're at church, then next your car is totaled." I told him to give it a rest. We went to church for the first time in over 3 years and look what happens to us.

7. We figured we are safe because we spent 30 minutes in a church that day. We figure we were in an accident because we also left church 30 minutes early. (shouldn't we have just broke even then?)

One Final Word
Thanks to all the people who helped us at the scene. You won't ever read this, but you were in our prayers that night and will be for many nights to come. So many people comforted me, my husband and my children. They offered us coats and warm cars to collect ourselves in. Thanks to the EMT staff for being patient and kind with my children and my frazzled mind. Thanks to G-ma Lauri and G-Pa Wayne for breaking the speed limit to get to us in record time. Thanks to Jake and Riley for coming so soon too. (I won't thank you for breaking the speed limit as I'm sure it's your typical practice). Thanks to my Mom and Dad for letting me just spend a few minutes crying on the phone. Thanks to angels that were watching over us and kept our family safe!

Before Our Personal Crisis (Sunday Edition)
(BTW- that's how the insurance company refers to accidents. A personal crisis)
Saturday and Early Sunday before our personal crisis, we had wonderful time. The four of us jet setted around three northern Utah counties in a day! In hind sight, I'd like to think that on some level we knew our little Ford Focus was about to meet its doom and we used that day as a "sending off" party, if you will.

Here we are at Derrick, Traci and Jocyln's baby blessing after-party just before the crash, I mean personal crisis.

Here's a deer head we looked at during the party just before our personal crisis.

Here's proud Grandpa Jake and Jocyln. Jake, look down at Jossi.

Now look at me.

Before Our Personal Crisis (Saturday Edition)
Saturday, also before the personal crisis, I took the kids to meet Zoe, Isabella, Kimberly and Crystal at the Dinosaur Park for fun, adventure and aparently rain and snow. Here are some things we learned at the Dinosar Park.

Girls have hats with two points.

Sadly, boys' hat's only have one.

Cousins are happy when they swing in unison.

Dinosaurs had bones.

Cousins are afraid to stand close together in pictures.

Two Cousins turn and face the camera please!

Now let's try it with just one Cousin facing the camera.

Cousins like to put their heads through holes.

Henry looks good even with a headwound. (more on that later)

After the Dinosaur Park, we all drove up to Grandpa Wayne's and Grandma Lauri's for pizza and more togetherness. I didn't take pictures of the pizza or the togetherness, but I did get a picture of the Grandparents and the Cousins standing as close together as they would. (It's funny, once the camera is out, the kids treat each other like they have cooties. But once the camera is put up, they're all over each other!)

See how happy everyone is just 24 hours before our personal crisis.

Before Our Personal Crisis (Dog Party Edition)
Also on Saturday, was Maxie's (black lab) birthday. I thought it would be awesome to throw him a surprise party. Jeremy insisted that any party we threw for Max would be a surprise.

Happy 6th Birthday Maxie!

Here's the cake we gave to the dogs to celebrate.

Here's the dogs celebrating and enjoying the birthday bones.

Here's the run-in with the concrete Henry suffered when he took the cake to the dogs.

Aparently, cowboy boots and icy conditions do not mix. We warned him to stay on the dry part, but Henry got excited and made a run for the dogs and didn't have his footing. He was okay and only fussed for a minute. He was more concerned about being able to make his Dinosaur Park date that day. Here's Henry after he just got the green light from Mom to go to the park.

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Jamie said...

Because I really AM stalking you - I am home sick today and I am reading some of your old posts (such as this one) I took the girls to a Dinosaur park when we were in Utah in August - I am assuming it was the same one. Is some Rainbow Garden place close to it??