March 30, 2008

Fabulous Fakes And No Sausage For Me

The Gig is Up, You Two
Mom and Dad, you are officially busted. But first, thanks for entertaining Henry over the weekend so I could nurse my cold and Jeremy, Reese and I could do some serious cleaning for about 4 hours.

Okay, now back to me busting you. I'm not sure who you dropped off at our house Sunday morning, but it certainly wasn't Henry. Whoever it is, he looks an awful like him, but he smells like your house. (My Mom smells terrific, yo)

This *Henry* that you dropped off insisted, on his own, that he take a nap. This *Henry* also napped for a total of four hours. Four hours! That's huge. Also, when he woke up, he was all snuggley and polite. He asked if he could please go on a four wheeler ride. When told that he could indeed go, but had to wait until Reesie finished her bottle, he patiently waited for her to finish.

And when he finished his four wheeler ride *Henry* came in the house with no objections. What? *Henry* also ate all of his dinner, which was a delicious bean soup/stew by the way. He said "thank you" twice while eating. When offered a brownie for desert, this *Henry* only ate half and offered the rest to his Dad.

While we are getting used to the ease and politeness of this replacement *Henry*, we dearly miss our sometimes cross, always loud and finicky eater son. Please bring him back to us. But for now, it's the end of a long weekend and this *Henry* has been easier to get to go to sleep, so there's no hurry on our end for a swap.

**UPDATE: Turns out the Henry we have is not an imposter after all. Just as I was typing this he came up to me and asked me if I liked seafood. I answered that, yes, in fact, I did like seafood. Henry then opened his mouth and showed me the rest of the brownie he was in the middle of chewing. Sorry, my bad, Mom and Dad.

Bean Soup
Also something else of note. Jeremy made a delicious bean soup with 11 types of beans, ham and sausage tonight. I've been under the weather and soup just sounded good today. It was delightful as expected. I want to thank Jeremy for cooking and allowing me to rest the past few days so I can recooperate from a monster cold. I want to scold Jeremy for when he served me the bean soup and shorted me on the sausage. (That sounded dirtier than I thought it would.)

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