March 29, 2008

When Dad's In Charge There's Beavers

When I'm not around perhaps because I'm working, cleaning (hardly ever) or running errands (endlessly), some strange and wonderful things happen.

Lately, Henry complains when I drop him off at school. He insists that he wants Dad to do it. This has made me sad. The other day I was downloading some photos from Jeremy's phone and I came across these.

I immediately recognized that these had been taken at a McDonalds. Puzzled, I wondered when and why didn't I remember these. Also, Henry is usually terrified of the play equipment at McDonalds because aggressive kids play there. So I asked Jeremy about these and he told me that a few weeks back he took Henry to McDonalds for breakfast before school. Ah. Jeremy is clearly one upping me at the school drop offs.

Sometimes you are busy upstairs and when you finish you think, "Hey, why don't I go downstairs now that I'm finished with all my busy-ness." So you head downstairs and you come across your husband watching television with your daughter. I casually asked, "Whatcha guys doing?"

Here's what I thought I might hear: "Nothing. Just watching television."

Here's what I wasn't prepared to hear: "Reese and I were just watching a beaver trapping blooper show. It wasn't very good. I had no idea that beavers could do so much damage to hard wood floors."

I think I just stood there in silence trying to process all the information. Why was he watching a beaver trapping show? There are beaver trapping shows? They have blooper reels? Why would anyone let a beaver on their hard wood floors?

Jeremy assured me that he and Reese just came across it by accident and that no one let a beaver on a hard wood floor. I had misheard him. He said "hard wood forests". Ah. That makes it totally normal.

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