April 1, 2008

All That He Wants

If you're an avid reader of the blog, then you know now that Jeremy has a habit of finding random gadgets that he would like to own such as the Scooler or the Tail Gator. Don't even think he's let the dream of that Scooler die. The other day we saw a 13 year old boy paddling along on his foot scooter and Jeremy said to me, "You know what that kid is missing? A cooler and a small motor." I argued that we should invest in a Vespa instead that we could carry cool beverages and other accouterments on our trendy mini bike. He wasn't hearing any of it. Apparently he doesn't think a Vespa comes with any sort of storage whatsoever and he thinks he'll have to bugee cord his cooler to the seat. Which still begs the question, where exactly is he going that requires so many cool beverages?

So, Monday, I'm being extra worky at work because we sort of have a deadline approaching. I see that I have an email from Jeremy with "Check THIS Out!!!" in the subject line. Wow. Three exclamaition points. This is serious. I open the message up. Here is what I found.

The Coleman Fishpen™ is the amazing fishing pole that lets you fish anytime. This telescoping fishing rod is quality fishing gear that performs! The complete system has been machine crafted using state of the art precision technology. The super strong telescoping composite rod extends to let you enjoy fishing when ever you feel like it. The casting reel has been engineered with brass finish, to perform reliably and conveniently.

Get yours quickly. The ad also said that supplies were limited and to "act fast".

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