February 23, 2008

What We Did Saturday

I titled this entry "What We Did Saturday" because that's when all the fun happened. If you are feeling like you're missing something by not seeing "What We Did Sunday" I'd be happy to have you over to our house and show you pictures of us cleaning the kids' rooms, doing laundry or running to the store for formula and light bulbs. However, at the store Reese scored some cute new shoes and I walked off with an awesome bag. Again, you'll have to come to our house to see these two new things.

Pants Off Dance Off
Sometimes on Saturday you have to run errands, but you don't want to leave the house. And sometimes, also on Saturdays, you go out to run these errands and you are glad that you did. Because, sometimes, and only sometimes, you see this...

In case you can't quite make out what it is, it just so happens to be one of those guys that stands on the corner with big arrow signs pointing you toward a new housing subdivision. Typically, they just stand there and wiggle the sign a little bit to get your attention. But this guy was new and he was doing it his way. He was pulling some serious Michael Jackson circa Thriller moves. Cars were honking and he was loving it. He noticed that I snapped a picture of him and gave me a head nod as we drove by.

Later, as we headed home from our day of errands and fun, we saw this on the other side of the street.

Oh, what I would have given to see the two of these guys go at it from across the intersection. This reminds me...it's tax season. There's got to be some poor fellow dressed as the statue of liberty or Uncle Sam somewhere in front of an HR Block. Now I have even more reasons to leave the house! I'll keep you posted.

The Time Between
We did more than watch two random people dance Saturday. We also rewarded Henners for being so patient during all the errand running with pizza and video games at Fat Cats in Ogden. He was such a patient boy during lunch. Reese did her best to draw a crowd to the table too with her cuteness. As people fawned all over her, she pretended not to notice, but after the wait staff and other admirers left us, she let out a little laugh as if to let us know, she knows what's up. She may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

Henry Found the Camera
Indeed, Henry found the camera. Here's the result

And the New Awesome is...
Naps are the New Awesome
The days that I’m home I live for the kiddies to take naps. It’s a perfect day if said naps are simultaneous. I set the mood, dim lighting, quiet stories, but most importantly, my quiet pants. Whatever I’m wearing that day, I will make sure to change into my quiet sweat pants that don’t make any sounds as I walk up and down the hall or when I’m moving about in Reesie’s room working on the computer. I can't tell you what a bad idea corduroy is between the times of 12:00 pm to 2:30pm in our house. Here I am deciding what to do while both kids are sleeping. Oops, I took too long. I hear Reesie stirring. Peace out.

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