February 23, 2008

Crickets And Outer Space

Jungle Love
If you're lucky, one Wednesday morning, your husband and your son will come home from the store with this...

Henry calls it a "Jungle". This jungle is actually a very cheap aquarium type thing for growing tadpoles into frogs or housing an itty, bitty frog. Henry was beside himself all day with excitement waiting for his Dad to bring home a promised frog to him. But when Dad arrived, all he had was this...

No matter, Henners was so excited for the crickets. Apparently itty, bitty frogs are in short supply these days. Who knew, right? Well, to Henry, the crickets were captivating. He must have watched them for at least an hour. What cheap entertainment! We asked him over and over if he wanted to go pick out a frog, but he insisted that he only wanted crickets.

The next day, however, the crickets were no more. Poor little guys didn't survive the night. We explained that the crickets were now sleeping. Henners decided it was time for a frog. But luckily he forgot again...for now.

Moon Madness
Did everyone catch the lunar eclipse February 19-20? Just so you know,this eclipse is the first of two lunar eclipses occurring in 2008, the second being the partial eclipse on August 16th. The eclipse this month was part of series 133 of the Saros cycle, an eclipse cycle which repeats every 18 years and 11 days. Series 133 runs from the year 1557 until 2819. The previous eclipse of this series occurred in February 1990 and the next will occur in March of 2026.

This month's eclipse is the 6th of 21 total lunar eclipses in series 133. The first was in December of 1917. The last (21st) will be in August of 2278. Right now you're thinking to yourself, "Wow. When did Jen learn so much about outer space?"

Jeremy and I took these awesome shots during the 6 hour event...

Okay, maybe we didn't take these images after all. Turns out we have children and jobs. Both of these things start early in the morning. We weren't able to stay up until 4:00 am to witness lunar history. We are intrigued enough by them to look up all things lunar eclipse on the internet and pass this information off as our own. There's always next time... See you August 16th 2008!

Dirty Word? You Decide.
Lately, Jeremy's been calling Henry "dudebag". Kind of funny, no? He doesn't say it in a derogatory way or anything. Instead of calling him Henners or Hank, he calls him dudebag. The first time I heard it, I was kind of shocked, because it sounds like it might almost be dirty. But it's not. I looked it up on urbandictionary.com just to be sure. The word comes up as "not defined yet". Wowsers. Jeremy needs to jump on this one! (BTW: don't click on the urban dictionary link above while you are at work or if you are semi-easily offended)