February 16, 2008

Umm...We Didn't See THAT Coming

We Bought the Seat, But We Only Needed the Edge
This weekend, Jeremy and I took Henners to a Monster Truck Rally at TESA. We definitely thought that he would love it. In fact, He did NOT love it. We're still baffled by the fact that he didn't. He'd been excited to go for weeks and would tell anyone that would listen that he was going to see monster trucks.

The three pictures below capture the moments before we left the house, right before we went to the rally and during the event...
For those of you with more time, let me walk you through the whole story. Saturday, we started out on our venture. Reesie was spending a few hours with Grandma Lauri and Grandpa Wayne. On the way to their house we saw elk.

Then we got some lovin' in before we left.

Once we left, it only took Henners two minutes before he asked where Reese was. He asked three or four more times on the way to SLC. Once in the city, we ate at Henry's favorite joint.

We even rode trax or the "city train" as Henry calls it to TESA. We shopped and killed time at Dick's Sports where Henry mastered kickball.

We arrived at the rally early. My advice to you is to never, ever arrive to a rally early. The first half of the show was taken up with tributes to the flag and filled with every song about America that you can imagine (and some that you can't). Henry asked me a few times, "Is this monster trucks?" I think he was confused. So was I.

But then we heard it. They began piping Metallica, Korn and Disturbed through the sound system. Ahhh, finally the rally had begun. I was in speed metal heaven. Seriously, you may think I'm joking, but I'm not. Henry wasn't too sure. This is pretty much the face he pulled the entire time.

After about 40 minutes, Henners announced that he was ready to go. He said "I don't like that" and was concerned that some of the trucks had scary teeth painted on them. Jeremy and I were sad to leave, but Henners couldn't wait to get back on the train and then home. We're chalking it up to 1 part loudness and 1 part tiredness on for him not enjoying the show. Maybe when he's older.

Things I learned from a monster truck rally:
1. If it's too loud, then you're not too old, you're too young.
2. I have an inner mullet waiting to escape. Seriously, folks, I think the back (and only the back) of my hair grew two full inches during the rally.
3. It's the perfect place to go if you're jonesing for a 20 minute musical/visual salute to the flag complete with video montages.
4. Show up 1/2 way through the show. That's when it gets good.

Monday evening we watched the Speed Channel. They had a previously taped rally showing. Henry watched it and loved it! Go figure. He even picked a favorite truck (Prowler), a scary looking tiger thing that he lovingly referred to as "Cricket".
Reese Has Who Hair
Hands down, Reese has the best hair in our house. Sometimes, when we're not looking though, this happens.....

Right now, the top of her hair is growing faster than the bottom half of her hair. This is actually a good thing, since it will reach a more uniform length soon. But the longer the top gets, the taller it gets as well. Her hair looks like one of the Whos down in Whoville from the Dr. Seuss books. She has an awesome cowlick that turns her hair into sort of a faux hawk. I love it. So does everybody else.

And the New Awesome is...........
Girls that are chatty are the New Awesome
Reesie is really starting to talk a little more. She’s not really forming any words. They’re more like noises. But they’re cute. She also tries to communicate with us a little more now. She grunts or babbles if she sees us and then will mimic our sounds some too.

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