February 20, 2008

Driving, Hats and Jeremy's Dream

The Worst Backseat Driver
This weekend as we were driving around we came up next to a car marked "Student Driver". Jeremy and I got talking and I mentioned that I thought it would be miserable to be married to a Driver's Ed teacher because he'd be critiquing you all the time on the road. You know he'd be coaching you through everything from lane changes to parallel parking. Boo. Later, our car was slowed down in traffic because of a bottleneck in the traffic. From the backseat we heard a little voice shout, "Go already, Dad. Just go!". Now who's the worst backseat driver?

Sometimes when it's a Wednesday evening and you're hanging out with Reese cleaning out the top drawer in her dresser you get an idea. Also, if you have a camera and lots of hats and all those things come together, this happens...

The Glorified Cooler
For as long as I've known Jeremy, he's always been passionate about two things: 1) Optimal gas mileage and 2) Proper hydration. Recently, he ran over to my desk all excited. In an instant I knew it must be important. He RAN for crying out loud. This never happens unless he's got urgent news or if something is on fire (I've seen him react equally to both). So as I said, when he ran over, I focused my attention on him and braced myself for what ever he had to say. Then he showed me pictures of this...

Jeremy claims this "scooler" (as he called it) is the coolest thing he's seen in almost a week. He painted a vivid picture of us at football games riding this bad boy around the parking lot while tailgating. For the record, we have not tailgated in 8 years. It turns out this contraption's official name is The Coolagan and can be yours for 10 complicated payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. For now, Jeremy's forgotten his dream of driving around on a cooler welded to a scooter. He did, however, take the time to show me the wagon attachment for those days when you're really, really thirsty.

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