February 15, 2008

Look Alikes

No, You're Still Not Penelope Cruz
So after my post about Henry mistaking me for Penelope Cruz, I got to thinkin' (BTW: when you "get to doin'" anything, it's always an in' type of deal. Never a ing type of deal). So as I was sayin', I got to thinkin' "Who DO I really look like?" Then my friend Jeff pointed me to myheritage.com

It's a fun site where you can do serious things like build your genealogy trees or you can do more relevant things like morph your face with a celebrity's face or track down the celebrities you most closely resemble. You may think I used this site to so some family research, but you'd be wrong.

It's simple, you post pictures of yourself like so...

Then you wait for your matches to pull up. Do you want to see our matches? I'll do mine first. *Spoiler Alert* Jeremy's is hysterical! I want to keep you readers hooked so I'll give you a little teaser.... Jeremy closely resembles an 80's singing icon. Who happens to be a woman!!

Jen looks like:
Sara Jessica Parker 75%
(This is troubling for Jeremy since he aggressively hates her. Seriously, he looks for reasons to dislike her. Also, she was just voted America's most unsexy celebrity. This does not bode well for me, I'm afraid.)

Shiri Appleby 72%
(She's a cute girl, but I have no idea who she is)

Hayden Panettiere 71%
(What the what? The cheerleader? Save the whales girl? Although, the site posted a picture of her in her Disney, pre-jailbait career. I guess I look like a 10 year old?)

Summer Altice 71%
(I'm a little concerned she might be a porn star)

Hunter Tylo 71%
(Pretty, older former model, but she's starting to look a little drag queenish)

Nikki Cox 70%
(No comment)

Rebecca Romijn 70%
(There is no rhyme or reason for this match. Is it the bigger teeth?)

And now for the fun stuff. I present to you Jeremy's matches!
Jeremy looks like:
James Van der Beek 60%
(Dawson himself! Yay! What a surprise!)

Billy Sheehan 59%
(Not sure who he is, but his website states that Mr. Sheehan is to bass guitar what Jackie Chan is to kung fu movies. Who am I to question the internet?)

John Woo 59%
(Asian?! If you're surprised, this is only the first of the many Asians that Jeremy resembles)

Lou Reed 52%
(Cool, very cool. Maybe Jeremy resembles him in coolness?)

Apolo Anton Ohno 58%
(Asian number 2!)

Yasujiro Ozu 58%
(Japanese born director. Strangely enough, his bio claims that Mr. Ozu is to Japanese cinema what Billy Sheehan is to bass guitar.)

I saved the best match for Jeremy for last. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you....
Stevie Nicks 58%
(Former Fleetwood Mac and treadmill walker while singing 80's icon who so happened to maybe be a witch. This is stunning, but sort of understandable. I couldn't being myself to crop the bird or her hair or her stunning dress out of the picture)


Trish said...

Okay, after your comment I had to come and check it out. Priceless! You've got to go back now and see how well Jeremy morphs into Stevie Nicks. Heh!!

Rebekah said...

Yeah. We did this. And I? Look like ELTON JOHN. 89%. And Joan Collins. 60%.

The love child of Elton John and Joan Collins? Don't be jealous.