February 14, 2008

Let The Lovin' Start

Since Valentine’s Day was just upon us, this post is dedicated to all things love…

Love and Lake Stench are in the Air
Valentines is over, but while it lasted it was wonderful! I don’t really love the holiday that much, but I do love that it starts the wind down of February, the most awful month of the year (Sorry Grandma Granny and Grandma Jo and President Lincoln).

This year Jeremy and I went all out…kind of. I made Jeremy this righteous “Wuffer” shirt. It’s super swell, so much that I think I’ll do them for the whole family!

"Wuffer" comes from Henry's attempt at pronouncing "Lover", the term of endearment Jeremy and I have for each other that actually started out as a joke.

Henry scored an Arby’s Hat and a Shrek Soundtrack from Grandma Jo. He snagged some candy and other fun things from school. We also got him some totally cool Vans shoes but Jeremy hates them.

Reese was given a cute denim jumper dress and some jammies from Grandma Jo and Grandpa Brent and we got her a soft lovie bunny. Her teachers and friends at school hooked her up with some rattles and teethers.

Jeremy gave me what every girl wants…. I did have a clear and streak free commute home though!

Then we had the most romantical lunch ever (his words, not mine). Where do you go for fine dining, food and atmosphere during the middle of the day? The Training Table, of course! You know it’s classy because pictures of food were right there on the menu and we used table phones to call in our order.

Whist at lunch, we had the most deep and profound discussion about snakes, Newman Georgia and his affinity for Sylvester Stallone Movies (he waited to drop that truth bomb on me 8 years into the marriage - what?)

But the Day-o-Love didn’t stop there. Well, actually it did. I guess what I meant to say was that the Day-o-Love didn’t START there. It actually started somewhere closer to 9:00 am. My good friend Lisa's hunky Brazilian husband sent us a huge box of heart shaped bagels! We love you Pedro! We actually did high pitched girl scream when Lisa brought them in.

A few years ago, I told Pedro that in the States it is customary to bring gifts to your girlfriends friends too on Valentine's Day. I hope he didn't think I was serious. No, wait I totally hope he does!

Not to be outdone, Sara and Kylee brought us yummy cookies from Schmit’s bakery. Even though I don’t show us enjoying them, know that we ate them and know that they were delicious.

Bedtime is a Rule NOT a Suggestion
Sometimes when your husband is out of town, your son knows that you are a pushover at bedtime. And sometimes that son stands at his bedroom door (from inside his room) and shouts to you that he has a surprise for you. And sometimes you tell him to come out and show you said surprise. Then this happens….

The New Awesome is..........
Loving Your Sister is the New Awesome
When it comes time to get Reesie down for the night, which is typically 2 hours before Henners goes down, he gets all upset. He truly does love being with her. We console him and let him know that he can see her the next day. This is usually followed up by at least 2 trips into her room so he can look at her sleeping. Here he is feeding her in the morning.


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