February 13, 2008

Before The Lovin' Starts

Not Even Close…But Thanks
Sunday night we had the Grammys on in the background. I was hoping to catch Amy Winehouse perform, but no, no no, I didn’t get a chance. However, When Morris Day and Time broke into Jungle Love (Ohwee, ohwee, oh) I was stunned. Mr. Day, what are you doing at the Grammys? And Herbie Hancock? Your presence only fueled a long running joke that my husband borrowed from the film Tommy Boy years ago.

But, these two random faces from the 80's are not my reason for blogging the Grammys. No, it was a Loreal commercial that brings us here today. Henry and Jeremy were snuggled watching commercials during the award show, when Henry said, “Look, Dad, she’s just like Momma.” This caught my attention because I was worried somehow Amy Winehouse had showed up and Henry had mistaken her for me. But no, I looked at the television and there was Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz you say? Yes, Penelope Cruz.

Now folks, don’t get me wrong here, I know I look nothing like the Latin beauty, but who am I to correct a small child? We all kind of laughed (maybe Jeremy laughed a little too hard for a little too long). But I hugged my child and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

Miss Your Face
I miss one of my BFFs ever so dearly. Roslin and I used to see each other 4 days a week at work. Now, that she works from home (still for us, yay!) I only get to hear her voice. She’s one of the funniest gals I know and I always value her opinions and cherish our talks together. We used to sit at work in the same area and we were positioned so that we would only have to glance up and we would see each other. After about a year, we developed sort of a secret language that didn’t even need to be spoken. We could just look at each other and know what the other was thinking. And the strange thing is, that’s how we communicated a good deal of the day. Now that I’m back, I find myself looking over at her area, but there’s no Rozzie. (Think of The Office when Jim left and Pam found herself instinctively looking up at Jim empty desk).

So Rozzie and I have decided until we can webcam, we will take photos of ourselves pulling the faces that we know and send them to one another. It sounds all good, but when I actually took the photos of myself, I realized how dorky and sad I truly am. So, Rozzie, the following pictures are for you. If any of you other peeps out there want to download these to keep you company at work, feel free. But your co-workers might judge you for it. And folks, if we’re lucky, Rozzie will let me post her photos here and you will finally see who REALLY looks like Penelope Cruz.

Time Warp Commute
It’s simple, we live 35 minutes from our office. We can be at work at 7:30 am or at 8:10-8:15 am. We CANNOT be at work at 8:00 am. There is some time/space travel continuum at the Davis County – Salt Lake County lines. Who are we to fly (or speed excessively) in the face of science?

The Destroya
Jeremy, Reese and I heard a ruckus coming from Henry’s room Monday night. What was this ruckus you ask? Here it is….

When questioned about the noise, Henry was very, very cooperative. He said that Cera (his Triceratops Dinosaur) wrecked the train village on his train table. Apparently she also flung her body around and knocked over other dinosaurs, derailed a few trains and broke off all the trees at the stump. Hmm. Jeremy insists on further investigation. I say, Triceratops are well known for their temper.

*If you enjoyed this mystery story, be sure and stay tuned for other classics such as....

Who Dumped the Doritos on the Kitchen Floor?
Who's Been Eating Dog Food Again?
Who Locked All the Interior Doors in the House?
Why is There a Huge Puddle of Water in Front of the Fridge?

And the New Awesome is.........
Our Conservative Dogs are the New Awesome
That’s right, DOGS, plural. I was mistaken when I thought that Maxie was the only right-winged canine in our house. I guess Bat’s a member of the GOP too! Truthfully, I think he just follows Maxie’s lead when it comes to politics. Max is the top dog and he agrees with Bush's stance on capital spending. A few of you were intrigued to learn that our dogs had an affiliation. Don’t yours?

Here’s Maxie doing his best Dick Cheney impression.

Here’s Bat hoping that the camera is a chew toy.

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