February 24, 2008

Especially For Ju-Lee

Alternative Lifestyles
Sometimes, as a parent, all you can do for your children is to love them and teach them right from wrong. There comes a point in their lives that they begin making decisions for themselves. As parents we may not fully understand or support these decisions ourselves, but we will always love our children unconditionally. Now, with that being said, you can imagine as a mother and also as a Yankee fan what heartbreak I was going through when I walked into Reesie's room and found this...

Yes, at the tender age of 4 months plus one week, Reese has gone out on her own and chosen the life of a Cubbies fan. All I can say to her is that this choice may bring her a life full of disappointment and frustration. Also false hope. Did I mention that already, a life of false hope?

As always, Jeremy and I will be here waiting with open arms when she decides to join us on the Yankee bandwagon once more. We've got plenty of room - lots of people left with Torre. We will love her equally either way. If it's a Cubbies hat she wants, a Cubbies hat she'll get. If it's a Cubbies championship she wants....let's not go there. (For the record, Jeremy and I suspect Henry might be a Boston fan due to his tendencies for cheering for teams wearing red)

Wait a minute. Maybe I should have titled this entry "Bad Influences!" No matter. What's done is done. Thank you, Lee for putting up with my Yankee talk. We love ya!

More on Ju-Lee
Many of yourselves may be asking the question, "Who the hell is Ju-Lee?" Here's the short of it. Ju-Lee is a hybrid of two of our friends, Julee and Lee. (They can thank Jeremy for the celebrity hook-up name melter, "Ju-Lee")

Julee is one of my dearest friends. She and I first bonded 11 years ago over television, radio and other media. She always has the best nails and jewelry. She's kind and so very, very smart. She also has one of the most pleasant phone voices I've ever heard.

Lee is Julee's fiance, thus by the transitive properties of friendship, now has become our friend too. He's a great guy, avid skier and has a big important desk job that involves concrete. He has whisked my friend away to such exotic locations such as Reno and LA to visit parking structures (more concrete). He is a Cubs fan and a Denver Broncos fan as well.

There you have it. For all the people that read this blog and may never meet you two, sadly, I've boiled you down to a girl that loves television and jewelry and a guy who takes said girl on trips to Reno.

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