May 18, 2007

May Days

Leapin' Lizards
Mother’s Day this year was so much fun. Jeremy and Henry really spoiled me and treated me so special (not unlike any other day of the year). The night before, Jeremy promised me a breakfast in bed of fresh fruit and yummy baked goods. However, when morning rolled around, Henry jumped in our bed and loudly announced that he would like pancakes. So, pancakes it was!

We spent the rest of the day visiting all the Grandmas and stopping off for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Toward the end of our meal, Henry was restless and began playing with some toy cars and small rubber lizards that we brought for him. Henry decided that throwing the lizard at Mom would be fun. On his first attempt, he over threw me by about 2 feet and the lizard landed in a plate of food of the family seated directly behind us! They laughed it off, as did the rest of the immediate restaurant. I asked Jeremy what we should do. He replied, “First, let’s pay for their meal, then let’s get Henry a sports agent.”

Speaking Too Soon
Wednesday Jeremy and I thought it might be fun to take Hank to the Dinosaur Park for the evening. We told him to pack himself up and get ready because we were taking him to see the dinosaurs! All the way there he kept asking if he would see the “Sharp Tooth” (Tyrannosaurus). He was naming all the dinosaurs he knows and we even made a little song about them too. As we pulled up to the park, we noticed a special function was going on and that the park was closed to the public. Jeremy and I had the privilege of explaining to a 2-year old the concept of “closed”.

Dinosaurs: The Sequel
Friday morning Henry and I headed back to the Dinosaur Park. This time when we pulled up there were around 8 elementary school buses. Again, I feared we wouldn't get in. This time I was going to do whatever I could to sneek us in. But, it turns out I didn't need to. We just had to share the park with lots of roudy elementary school kids. Can anyone say fun?

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