September 9, 2008

Because Sometimes You Just Need A Warning

Have you seen hideousness?

It's called Hole In The Wall and it's on Fox. If you watched any football over the past few weeks, then surely you caught the previews for it. Well, two nights ago, Jeremy and I accidentally watched this train wreck. And when I say accidentally, I mean, we saw that it was coming up next after football, we both looked at each other excitedly and said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

It turns out Jeremy wasn't thinking what I was thinking which made it all that more awkward when I had to put all my clothes back on. He was under the impression that we'd be watching Hole In The Wall. And I'm glad we did.

I don't think I can accurately describe the 30 minutes that we spent viewing this spectacle of a show. Jeremy and I sat there, fully clothed, in stunned silence watching six adults in silver space suits and helmets jump up and down and make complete asshats of themselves. It was amazing.

If you aren't familiar with the concepts of this game show, let me walk you through it. There's a giant wall. There's a hole in that wall. You must jump through the hole. If you miss, you fall into what, as best as I can tell, is a giant vat of lemon-lime Gatorade. And let me just tell you, (spoiler alert), they ALL fall into the Gatorade.

But if you take away only one thing from this post, let it be this. Throughout the entire game, in the moments just before the wall with the hole starts moving closer to the contestant, the announcer says in the most serious and dramatic voice he can muster, "Get ready for the HOLE!" This had me and Jeremy in stitches all night. I mean, where would you EVER hear that phrase? Well, other than at the end of a really, really good blind date.

Photo courtesy of TVweek and the poor souls who thought it would be a good idea to go on this show.


for a different kind of girl said...

You crack me up. I am going to pretend I don't know about this show, because if I say anything about it to my husband, I guarantee you, we'll be among the approximately 24 people who watch it!

Tuesday Girl said...

I can't deviate from my one designated terrible TV game show and that is Wipeout.
Watch out for the big balls! is as good as here comes the hole! Perhaps they should combine the two shows?

Woodlandmama said...

I didn't see this show, but ABC has been running this thing on Tuesdays where they are always shouting, "And now it's time for the BIG BALLS!"

monkey said...

my man and i MOST DEFINITELY watched this show! it's so awesome i don't know where to start...i'm convinced the japanese have the market on getting people to do stupid crap for money. here in the us, our most popular shows are based on love as a commodity. i love japanese game shows.
besides the fact they look like they're falling into a giant vat of urine, i love love love the blindfolded test at the end. "turn to your left. no, the other way."
besides everytime someone mentioned the "hole" one of us always said something to the effect of "your mom is ready for the hole." yes, sometimes i'm a 12 year old boy.

Captain Dumbass said...

Must be Japanese. They have the craziest game shows. Hey, is there a game show for men acting like sissys because they have a cold? Cause I'm ALL over that today.

Kat said...

I am going to have to DVR this! My husband and I watch this Ninja Warrior show that came out of Japan. Most. Awesome. Show. Ever.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I thought Wipeout was a guilty pleasure. I think I may scare my husband by putting this show on.
"Hole in the Wall"? "Hole in my Head"? "Hole in One"? Ah, just use "hole".

HeatherPride said...

You are hilarious, girl! I might have to stick this on my Tivo, because currently my favorite show is Wipeout, which I cannot watch without spraying Corona out my nose (due to laughter, ok? Not a party trick). It sounds like it's the same type of material so count me IN!!

The Stiletto Mom said...

"It turns out Jeremy wasn't thinking what I was thinking which made it all that more awkward when I had to put all my clothes back on." This line? Needs to be submitted for some type of an award...I am crying of laughter!!! Perfection!

Anndi said...

My Chicklet and I sat there watching this and just marveled at the sheer idiocy. She LOVED watching them fall in... that's my girl!

I chuckled at the announcer too.

Maybe tonight you should dim the lights... find one of those helmets... take your clothes off again and enter the bedroom yelling "get ready for the Hole!".

You don't have a waterbed ... do you?


Ellie said...

There are times when I miss TV. And there are times when I really, really don't.

The Stiletto Mom said...

Came back to read this AGAIN because i was still laughing when I thought about it and am now doubled over at Anndi's comment. I'm totally going shopping for a helmet tonight and giving that a try! This is the post that just keeps on giving. :)

Mama Dawg said...

I have never heard of that show! What station does it come on? I MUST watch!

So, are you Beavis or Butthead? 'Cause that's what I think of when I hear anyone snickering at the word 'hole'.

BTW, I do it, too.

blissfullycaffeinated said...

Can't believe I missed that show!

Laughing so hard at, "It turns out Jeremy wasn't thinking what I was thinking which made it all that more awkward when I had to put all my clothes back on."

Also cracking up at the comment that suggested you run naked into the bedroom shouting "Get ready for the hole!"

I may borrow that.

My god...Too much!

LiteralDan said...

I've heard tell of this show, but I didn't know they had brought it to America already.

I must watch it, at least once.

Captain Dumbass said...

Meh, just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

jenboglass said...

These comments are all better than my actual post!

mommypie said...

"Get ready for the HOLE??"

Wait a minute ... that's MY line!


Tracy Lynn said...

Oh, I am totally saying that all day tomorrow. GET READY FOR THE HOLE!

Jennfactor 10 said...

I'm late to the game on this post, but I have to say, I was traumatized by the silver jumpsuits.

My five year old told me,
"good night...and big balls" the other night.

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