August 15, 2008

Olympics: That's What She Said

Just a few more items about the Olympics then I promise I'll stop writing about them. During one of the many Michael Phelps finals, I wrote down a few sentance fragments that I thought we significant. Significant in the way that after every one of these a "that's what she said" is highly appropriate.

...and he shaved it and the rest is history.
...and he's now being pounded with balls.
...the Frenchman rolled him with his incredible body wash.
...but you just got to nail the wall.
...this is scary good, Al. just sit back and enjoy this magical final turn.
...I think my Mom could anchor this relay and win.
...and those four inches should make you nervous.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Your awesomeness was featured on BS Sunday on the Houston Chronicle Online:

Eternal Sunshine said...

This is hilarious!!

I remember a few of those...

Anonymous said...


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