August 15, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Five are the top five band names Jeremy and I came up with while watching Men's Gymnastics. We collected these by just simply writing down whatever Tim Daggett said that sounded funny. Enjoy.

1. Chinese Apprehension -- New punk or emo. Huge hit with the ladies. I have to admit, we struggled with this one. Jeremy insists that Chinese Apprehension would be better put to use as the LP name for Gun's and Roses' long awaited release of Chinese Democracy.
2. Consistent C --Rapper and friend of Kanye. Will be big for a few years and maybe get a reality show on VH1.
3. Risky Elements -- boys pop band trying to pose as rockers. Coordinated clothes, hair-doos and representing almost every ethnic group.
4. Daggett -- grungy rock, maybe the next winner of American Idol. Wears a lot of makeup.
5. Drop Out Hamms -- Punk and oh-so-cool. This band is my favorite.

*Honorable Mention = Highbar Wildman and Huge Apparatus

Album names include:
1. Horizontal to The Floor
2. Mary Lou Moment
3. Second Spot
4. Squirreley Earlier
5. Supple Double Jointed Knees

1 comment:

Captain Dumbass said...

If I had any musical talent whatsoever I'd immediately steal Chinese Apprehension and name my first album Huge Apparatus. And of course there'd be some type of phallic imagery for cover art.

Have to agree with Jeremy on #1.