July 1, 2008

No One Cares What You Ate For Lunch

That's right, No One Care What You Ate For Lunch. That’s the title of a book on blogging that I plan to read this summer. I must say, however, I AM oddly drawn to blogs that feature what people eat both at home and when dining out. It’s like some sort of voyeurism. It’s strange, but I actually like looking at pictures of their meals.

Having said that, you may not care what I ate for lunch a week ago, but I have ten friends that DID care what I ate for lunch. In fact, they cared so much, that they joined me for lunch to do a little post birthday celebrating.

Here’s the table of us dining at Tandoor Indian Grill in Salt Lake.

Tandoor is a relatively new find for me, and I am completely obsessed with it. I found it through a friend at work, Pratima, who knows the owners quite well. She originally took a few of the girls in the office, including Sara, in the hopes that the spicy food would induce Sara into labor thus ending the last grueling week of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, Tandoor did not do the trick, but Pratima did introduce us to the most delicious food I have tasted.

Here is Sara, post pregnancy and and after months and months of follow up trips to Tandoor.

That picture doesn't do her justice. She looks like a hard a**. She's really not. She's the kindest person I have ever met.

Let's try that again, shall we?

*Fun Fact* I have asked Sara to become Jeremy's wife if anything should happen to me. Of course, she'd have to leave her husband and overcome all the office gossip that would surely happen since the three of us work together. Just a few hurdles.

Jessica and Lisa (both girl crushes) were there.

Julee and Jackie represented. You can't see her feet, but Jules had on the best shoes ever.

Here’s Pratima and Cole and some random guy in the background.

Did I tell you that her in-laws are coming to stay with her this month? Did I also tell you that they aren’t leaving until January?! Now, don’t get me wrong or anything. I love my in-laws, but if they came to stay with me for six months, it might be a little much. I even mentioned this to my dear Mother-in-law and she agreed and then some. A little too quickly I might add.

Here’s Rozzie, my sweet Rozzie.

She’s a baby haver too and she brought her little Cole along to crash the girl lunch date. Kylee tried to steal Cole at one point, but was unsuccessful. It might have worked better if she hadn’t announced her intentions from the start.

Witness Kylee trying to steal Cole.

Thanks to everyone who came to my birthday lunch. I loved all the fun gifts. But most of all, I loved all the fun company!

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