July 30, 2008

Holy Sh*t! It's Shark Week.

As if you didn't already know. Wanna know something you DIDN'T know? Jeremy's personal mantra revolves around Shark Week. It's like he always says, "Jen, Live every week like it's Shark Week."

Am I supposed to capitalize the words 'Shark' and 'Week'? Probably not. But am I gonna? Definitely. You see, at our home, we take Shark Week very seriously. Even before this week begins, Jeremy and I carve out time between our taking over the world and his plans for brewing gasoline in mason jars in our garage to reevaluate our TIVO goals for the week. It's probably the most highly organized anyone will ever see my husband.

It goes down like this. Jeremy will scan through all the shark programs on The Discovery Channel, categorize them and assign his own ranking to them. He likes to get a smattering, if you will, of different programing. He wants a variety of shark-centric programming to fill up our recording space. My husband, he's all about variety, folks. I often heard him say, "If you've seen more than two shark bite programs in a row, you've seen too many."

He then summons me into the room and reviews/defends his choices. He takes this activity so seriously. I can't think of a single time when I've objected to any of his decisions about Shark Week, but for his sake, I just play along like it's imperative that we reach a common goal.

I just checked the TIVO and so far we've recorded the following:

Shark Attack Stories
Surviving The Bite
Day of The Shark
Air Jaws
American Shark
Top Five Eaten Alive*

*Mental Note: I'm not entirely certain the last program scheduled to record has anything to do with sharks. I need to look into that one a little closer.


Tracy Lynn said...

I think your husband and I may be related, because I do the same evaluation and ranking EVERY SINGLE SHARK WEEK. You have to balance the educational and the bite-tacularly savage.

Katie said...

OMG...it's nice to know that we aren't the only household that holds Shark Week to be a major event to schedule life around!