July 7, 2008


This morning as I left for work, earlier than usual, I tiptoed into each of the kids' rooms to kiss them goodbye. First, I spied on Reesie as she slept, tummy down, snoring louder than even Jeremy does sometimes. I gave her a kiss on her little neck. She didn't even stir.

Then I crept into Henry's room, I brushed his hair and softly wished him to have a good day. He stirred a little bit, but didn't open his eyes or really acknowledge I was there.

I said goodbye to Jeremy, gathered my things and quietly left the house. I was down the driveway, just getting into the car when I heard what sounded like a knocking coming from one of our windows of the house. I looked up and I could see Henry's tiny little fist pounding on his bedroom window. He must have heard me talking to him after all. Aw, his sweet gesture just made my entire day.

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