June 2, 2008


I asked Jeremy if he would let me out of his sights for a few hours so I could see a movie with a friend. He was receptive, but not overly so. But when I mentioned that the movie I would be seeing was Sex and The City, he immediately agreed that, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I could go, nay, I should go and he would make and all accommodations to help me do so.

Nice husband? Yes, but not so fast. For him, this was a win-win situation. This way, I could see the movie and be happy and Jeremy could NOT see the movie and be equally as happy.

See, many of you might recall that Jeremy has an active hatred for Sara Jessica Parker (SJP). This has caused some tension in the home at times, since I love her. It is this very hatred that caused Jeremy and my friend Julee to not talk for several months until he admitted that SJP wasn’t that bad after all. I thought we had this all behind us, and Jeremy had buried that hatred for her beautiful hair and fetching outfits aside, but once trailers for SATC started up on television this spring, Jeremy returned to his old hatin’ ways.

So, Sunday, Jeremy eagerly pushed me out the door to see SATC. (Squeal!) (Double Squeal!) Can I just tell you that I loved LOVED it? I was, however, a little bothered with a few story lines (are you listening Big?), but that’s beside the point. The fashion was so fun. The shoes! The frocks! The jewelry! The birds in the hair! I have to give a shout out to Ms. Patricia Field for still giving me plenty of moments to pause and ask myself, “WTF is Carrie wearing?”

Let me back up and walk you through the moments before the film started. I arrived at the theater and noticed so many women folk walking briskly into the front entrance doors. I thought I’d better hurry to beat out all the other ladies. I was wearing comfortable shoes so I was pretty sure I could take them. I began speed walking as fast as I could without making it too noticeable. Seriously, I had a sweet stride going on. I did beat them. All of them.

Once inside the vestibule, I waited patiently to purchase my movie tickets. I made a keen observation to myself that every other person in that small area was also a woman. I glanced over at the concessions area. So much diet Coke was being purchased by all the ladies there. I felt a little embarrassed for the ticket booth boy having to ask over and over, “Good afternoon, ladies. What attraction are you seeing this afternoon?” Couldn't he just assume that the line of overly made up, fancy purse toting group of women were there to see SATC?

Then I did what I love to do in public places. I de-focused my attention on any one conversation and allowed my ears to hear all the talking going on around me. I sometimes find it so relaxing to listen to the buzz of multiple conversations and only pick up on key words once in a while. It’s how I zone out. But can I just tell you, that when it’s a crowded room full of only women, it’s not very relaxing at all. The buzz I was hearing was high pitched and the women were all talking too fast. I’ve now come to the conclusion that my “zoning” only works with equal parts male and female voices.

There were a few squeals and a lot of hugs as we waited in line for our 1:00 showing. Everyone was “so full” from the salad they ate at lunch. Also, did you know that women’s accessories fall into the following categories? They are either a) so cute, b) way cute, or c) too cute. I did hear a bunch of girls use “stinkin’ cute”, but that really was only that one group and they were talking about their kids and not handbags.

I must admit that on the way home, I reminisced how much I loved SATC. It kind of makes me feel a little empowered and hopeful. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Judge me if you must. It also makes me want to run out and buy really high heels and do dishes is them. After I see Carrie all dressed up, it makes me rethink my entire accessory collection and decide that I don't wear pearls often enough.

The movie also got me thinking that I definitely want to plan a trip to New York again (are you listening Julee and Sara?). I want to see the sights while wearing very uncomfortable, very insensible shoes and dine at an outrageously overpriced restaurant.

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